The Edison Phonographs

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It is quite difficult to make a good sorting of theses machines, as there are so many criterion that can be applied: by date, by category.  Considering the machines belonging to the same category (Triumph, Home, Standard, Gem and Fireside) as a whole, we have sorted the categories by the date of their first issue. For single machine, as Doll or Windsor, they are sorted by the date of issue.


Tin Foil   tinfoilthumb.JPG (4836 bytes)

Talking Doll  edisdollthumb.JPG (8010 bytes)

Class-M  classmthumb.JPG (6793 bytes)

Spring Motor  springmotorthumb.JPG (7972 bytes)

Triumph A  triumphathumb.jpg (15961 bytes)

Triumph D  triumphdthumb.jpg (18245 bytes)

Triumph F  triumphFthumb.jpg (11451 bytes)

Home A (1st version)   homeathumb.jpg (7613 bytes)

Home A (2nd version)  homa2polthumb.jpg (16696 bytes)

Home B   homebetithumb.JPG (7025 bytes)

Home E  homeEthumb.jpg (12350 bytes)

Standard A (1st version)  standardathumb.JPG (6542 bytes)

Standard A (2nd version) standarda2thumb.jpg (8612 bytes) 


Standard E  standardEthumb.JPG (11558 bytes)

Gem A (1st version)   Gemathumb.JPG (7022 bytes)

Gem A (2nd version)   gema2thumb.JPG (9255 bytes)

Gem A (3rd version)   Gemfrancthumb.JPG (6867 bytes)

Gem D   Gemdthumb.JPG (6297 bytes)

Fireside A Firesidathumb.JPG (6779 bytes)

Fireside B  firesidbthumb.jpg (19595 bytes)


Idelia D2 


Amberola A1 

Amberola B1 

Amberola III  

Amberola V  ambero5thumb.JPG (10039 bytes)

Amberola VI (A)  ambero6thumb.JPG (8998 bytes)

Amberola VI (B)  ambero6Dthumb.JPG (9914 bytes)

Amberola VIII  ambero8thumb.JPG (9534 bytes)

Amberola X  Ambero10thumb.JPG (9739 bytes)

Amberola 30  ambero30thumb.JPG (8974 bytes)

Amberola 50  ambero50thumb.JPG (9168 bytes)

Amberola 60  ambero60thumb.JPG (9564 bytes)

Amberola 75  

Amberola 80 

Opera (oak)  operathumb.jpg (12629 bytes)

Opera (Concert) (mahogany)   operathumb.jpg (11887 bytes)

Shaver 1st model (2nd version)  razoir3thumb.JPG (7111 bytes)

Shaver 1st model (3nd version)  razoir2thumb.JPG (6751 bytes)

Shaver 2nd model  razoir1thumb.JPG (6339 bytes)

Business D    edibusinthumb.JPG (6587 bytes)

Business E  edibusin2thumb.jpg (8266 bytes)

Ediphone (1st version)   morse1thumb.jpg (8498 bytes)

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