The "Eventail" (Fan)

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Issued after 1900, this phonograph has a special story to be told.  In the 1900 Pathe phonograph catalog, one can see (below) a strange machine: an automatic fan.  With ostrich feathers, this "lounge ventilator" was set in motion by a crancked spring mechanism.  The top and the sides were ornamented with nice polychrome rustic scenes.   We can supposed that the success of the sales was not the one looked for, as it was decided to transform them into cylinder phonographs (the special fan slits and holes can still be seen under the top plate).  Except for the mandrel axis support, all the phonograph parts come from a Pathe No 0 (Democratic).


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From the 1900 Pathe catalog


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It seems that Pathe made special efforts to transform its fan into a commercial success before resigning to made a phonograph with it as a second version, this time with a four aluminum blades propeller, was recently found in Paris.

Any documentation showing the original machine would be appreciated.  Please, contact: Me

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