The Excelsior

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This non exclusive named "Excelsior" machine is the only type ever seen that looks like a front mount disc phonograph.  Its particularity is to used non standardised size cylinders.  As Busy Bee with their special size cylinders, a little bit bigger than Standard size ones, the Phenix cylinders used on that machine and made by Maleville, as for the Phenix machines, are a little bit smaller than the Inter Pathe size cylinders.   It exists, but it is very rare, a special slip-on mandrel to convert the Phenix size mandrel in an Inter one.   It was sold on credit and advertised in newspapers.  Some same machines with Inter mandrel were sold with different French ivory identification front plates.   They were identified as American.


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From the Illustrated Literary Supplement of the "Petit Parisien" newspaper of December 1903

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