The Gem A (second version)

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Introduced in 1900, this is the first cased Gem.  Even if this second A Gem has a removable reproducer, this one can only be used on this very Gem, as it needs two special screws on the arm carriage to be hold in a twisted position.  This one has a special Edison-Bell front plate that says: "Type 1 GEM".  From Georges Frow, the specialist in this domain, these were "factored" in the United Kindom, because of a patent problem.  Even if the eight pannel black Gem horn arrived only in 1907 with Model B issued in 1905, the swing arm of the second model A was provided with a hole to receive an horn crane.  Here with a 18" all brass horn and a repro Hawthorne & Sheble support.


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The Gem A (first version) from the Hawthorne & Sheble Electrotypes and Half Tone Cuts. Notice the special fixture for the crane added to the cabinet.

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