The Gillett Tin Foil

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In 1892, W. Gillett published a book entitled: "The Phonograph" and how to construct it (see below), with "full working drawings".  No such machines were ever sold by Gillett.  So, the only way to have one, was, is and will be to make it.  In this special case, we cannot say that there are reproductions of such phonographs, as in the case of the first Edison one.  All Gillett tin foil is, itself, an original one, only the date of making is different.  Here is a modern sample out of 15 (plus one prototype) made in 1997 by Yesterday Once Again Antique Phonographs from California.


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Front page of the Gillett's book.


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From page 10 of the Gillett's book.


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The drawings to make the Gillett Tin Foil.

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