The Home Model A (1st version)

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Even if the first "clockwork" Home was issued in 1896, this second version appeared in February 1897 for $40.00, it was then reduced to $30.00 in August 1897.  Equiped here with one of the very few Hawthorne & Sheble glass horn known to have survived (3 known).   When I saw it the first time, I did not buy it, thinking it was a chemist funnel put on the machine by the dealer.  Fortunatly, after having contacted Gordon Reightmeier from Toronto, I come back (very early) the next morning to buy it.  Thanks Edison, it was still there.


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From the February 1, 1899 T. J. Monks catalog, 174 fifth Ave., New York.


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Set of 5 glass horns sold by Hawthorne & Sheble as seen in their Electrotypes and Half Tone Cuts double page poster.  The two at the top being engraved, the one at the bottom left flutted and the middle one too long, the one shown above is the one at the bottom right.   These glass horns were sold only for their attractive appearance, no improvement in the quality of sound was obtained (perfect for bells reproduction records!).

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