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This phonograph like the #3 has been imported from England by the maker of the new wax cyinders as the one shown here.  It looks like no other ones.  The frame is made of rough cast iron with the name of the maker stamped in the mould; "Tinson".  The same name shows on the front brass plate:

"William Chas Tinson, the maker of this phonograph, Fongham, Surrey, 1896"

The lever to lift the reproducer, very similar to #1, is made of two halfs of a tube that work like a pair of pliers around the front bar.  The feed screw has a kind of lock on the same bar.   It has also a shaver mounted on a very complicated arm carriage.  The slidding door on the left is there to have access to the belt and the brass button above to give its tightness.  The front wax chips drawer missing has been replaced.  A ten ear tubes gallery shows that this machine has been made to be used to get money.  1896 was a time where no convenient machine was available to make demonstrations from village to village to earn his life with.

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