The Lys-O-Phone

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Question: Why Edison was called "Thomas A. Edison"?  Answer

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This brand new machine is not a Crapophone as often seen nowadays, but an original desing and production, in the direct line of the Puck German cylinder phonographs.

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Completely new from A to Z, this cylinder phonograph is sold for $500.00 to any collector who would like to add a new machine to his collection since the last cylinder phonograph ever made, the Edison Amberola 80 issued in 1928.


Only one nickeled version of the Lys-O-Phone have been made with a petaled horn, looking like a real morning glory flower, i.e. with a pistil and stamens.  I made it specially for my Thai friend Pluetipol Pratchumpol who opened a phonograph and gramophone museum in Bangkok in 2005.

Some Comments of happy owners:

- Very pretty machine.  I like the color and the shape of the base. (James Nichol)


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