The other American machines

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In this part, are collected either companies that made their own machines as US, or machines made by other companies, as Columbia, but sold under other names with modification as Busy Bee or for specific application as Languagephone.

Busy Bee  busybeethumb.JPG (10135 bytes)

Cortinaphone  cortinaphonethumb.JPG (6499 bytes)

Crown  crownthumb.jpg (9821 bytes)

Echophone  echophonethumb.jpg (7647 bytes)

(1/2) Home made  homemadethumb.jpg (15703 bytes)

Language Phone  languagephonethumb.JPG (7735 bytes)

Lionel  lionelthumb.jpg (6566 bytes)

Madame Hendren Doll  mmehendrthumb.JPG (15578 bytes)

Mae Star Doll  maestarthumb.JPG (15691 bytes)

Rectorphone  rectorphonethumb.JPG (5297 bytes)

Tin Foil  tinfoilthumb.JPG (4957 bytes)

Tin Foil (Home madetinfoilhthumb.jpg (14358 bytes)

Toy Phonograph  Jouetthumb.JPG (8661 bytes)

Wizard  wizardthumb.JPG (6386 bytes)


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