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Playing the Standard and Inter size cylinders, this machine wears the number 2 when Pathe reorganised its phonograph appelation, from 0 to 4.  As on the catolog below, the phonograph is equiped, here, with a very hard to find black 9 petals horn.  Never shown with this kind of horns on French catalogs, they were only shown on English ones.  Even though, they say, at the bottom of the ad: "Unless specified, we reserve ourselves the right of substituting an Aluminium Horn for the Flower Horn".  These horns can only been seen in France on front mount early Pathe disc machines as the two versions of model A.  I had to buy one of these machines to get that horn of 30 cm (12") of diameter.  The 40 cm (16") also exists for the Pathe 4.


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From an English Pathe catalog.

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