The Model 1898

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This 1898 model is the first cylinder phonograph ever made by the Pathe company.  The similarity with the Graphophone Columbia "Eagle" type B is not only astonishing, but it can be said without any doubd that it is a perfect copy of it, even if all the parts cannot be switched from one to another.  This is the proof that American lawyers had no handles in France to sue companies as they did in the States.  Pathe will strike again with its "Gaulois", a perfect copy of the Edison Gem (see explanation).  The originality, if any, is the add of a bended plate to hide the motor, for it to be noiseless.  The ID plate wears the "Pathe Cinematographe" name with an elegant rooster and is a very hard to find one.

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From the 1898 Pathe catalog.

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