The Excelsior Pearl

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This cylinder phonograph was made at the Excelsiorwerk Factory by the Excelsior Werke of Cologne (EWC).   It is one of the rare cased Excelsior phonographs.  The horn, an original spun aluminum one, has been recently painted by somebody with an artistic skill.  This is why I did not put it back to its original appearence.


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It is also one of the very rare 2 & 4M European cylinder phonographs ever made.  When in 1908, Edison issued his 4M cylinders, the cylinder phonograph market in Europe was already under perfusion if not already dead.  This is why it is so hard to find over there (except, of course, England) Amberols and, more, blue Amberols.  The fact that this machine had been, certainly at the factory, blocked by a pin passing through the double gear tube and the feedscrew axis in the 2M position is the proof that if the manufacturer intended to make 4M cylinders, they never did it.  A lever, identical to the one found on 2 & 4M Edison Home was used and supported by a piece that was fixed on the bedplate by 2 screws, now cut (the 2 white spots), just behind the larger red line, symetrical to the belt.  Here, it is shown in the 4M position, with the gears cover removed.  Just on the left of the belt, in front, a horn crane holder hole can be seen identical to the ones seen on Edison Gem and Fireside models, but without any securing screw.


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The Excelsior Pearl decal.

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