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Made by Pathe (see the Pathe rooster on the lid and the advertisements below), this cylinder phonograph made to play the Standard and the Inter size cylinders, could not be obtained directly from Pathe.  The ad says: "Phonograph for nothing" if you buy 100 Inter cylinders at 2.25 francs each".  In October 1903 it is called the "Sonor" (sonore = high sounding, without the "e" to look more foreign).  In December 1903, it is called the "Verite" (truth).  This name "Verite" (Orpheus in English) will be given later to the original fixture made out of metallic bended rods to accomodate larger horns than the ones used directly on the trunion.  It was also the simplest way to be able to play the two, and on some machines the three, different diameter sizes of French cylinders.


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From the Illustrated Literary Supplement of the "Petit Parisien" newspaper of October 1903


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From the "Illustration" newspaper of December 1903

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