Reproducer: Special "Edison"


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Here are 5 exciting Edison "type" reproducers.  From left to right:

1- The Standard Speaker for Edison-Bell Model Commercial C Phonograph (better known as the "Nipper-Barraud" Edison cylinder phonograph).  As the normal Standard Speaker, it has the 2 stylus for recording and reproducing.  Notice the small cup at the end of the lever and the curious angle that this lever has when the stylus holder is vertical.  It was found in the drawer of the carrying wooden trunk bought in France with my Class-M.

2- The Edison-Bell "New Model" reproducer.  Quite an exact copy of the Edison Model C, except, may be, for the water drop shaped counterweight (not circular).

3- The Australian Max Wurcker reproducer.  The most impressive by its dimension.  When not compared with other average Edison size reproducers, we can only notice that the tube seems bigger, but when we realise the scale, the tube becomes huge.  In fact, it is the equivalent of the Edison Model R: large diaphragm for small hole carriage arms.   Recently bought on eBay.

4- The American Mobley reproducer.  One of the several reproducers infringing Edison patents.   Made out of an Edison Model B reproducer (and not from an Automatic one as said in Frow book).  Found free with a Standard Edison phonograph bought on eBay.

5- The English Indestructible Model N reproducer.  Looks like an Edison Model B, except for a hump cavity on the top and a spring to put tension on the stylus, via the counterweight on the reverse.  They were made by the Indestructible Rcord Company to play their 2M black celluloid records.  Not to be used on wax.


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