The Standard Model E

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Issued in 1911, the Standard Model E is the only Edison phonograph, with the Gem Model E, to have a large carrier-arm set in a side position to accept the Model N reproducer.  It was sold with the only flowered horn ever sold by the Edison company.  Except for the red and seldom seen blue and green Gem horns, it is also the only non black painted Edison horn (wooden grained not included).   If the black Edison paint was of a very good quality, this special blue one has a tendancy to fall into dust.  So, it is very difficult to find one in good original shape.  The original Edison crane is from a model not often found, the long rod being bended with no length adjustment.


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From the Edison Phonograph Monthly of November 1911.  Notice the adjustable crane.

The top picture comes from the "Antique Phonograph: Gadgets, Gizmos & Gimmicks" book written by Timothy C. Fabrizio and George F. Paul.  It can be ordered at: PHONOPHAN

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