Tin Foil (Home made)

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This tin foil cylinder phonograph is an hybrid home(s) made machine,  The plank, the mandrel with its handle, its flywheel, its axis and their supports have been bought on Ebay as a never finished home made machine project.  The rest has been completed using my French Fondain tin foil after having cut the two mandrel axis supports by quite an inch (2 cm.), as they were too high, compared to the mandrel diameter.

Even if this kind of funnel horn (like for Gems) seems strange on a tin foil, it is the one that we can find as soon as on the second machine made by Edison at the begining of 1878, as seen below.   We are not used to imagine them on such machines, just because they have not survived and that most of the time, tin foils are shown without any horn.


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