Unknown Phonograph

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Very unusual cylinder phonograph, thouhgt to be German.  It has a front door to access to the motor like the Columbia Type C.  If we look at the hooks to fix the missing lid, we notice that its size would have been larger than the one of the cabinet itself, which is seldom found.  The horn, definitly German, can be seen on Edison-Bell machines as Gem or Elf.  Very difficult to find outside Europe,  this very one was found in Quebec province with an AT and many German cylinders.

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The bedplate is richly ornated by a line of golden flowers and leaves.  The On-Off lever on the left looks more like an electrical switch than like a mechanical device.

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The brass posts are of unusual shape, the reproducer is fitted just under the carrier arm and not on the side off as often seen and the lifting arm lever has a very strange design.

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The most surprising is the size of the motor.  Due to the size of the cabinet and the bedplate, we could think that we would find a motor like, at least, the one of an Edison Home.  Instead, there is a ridicilously small motor, a little bit bigger than a Columbia Eagle Type B.  Notice the metallic On-Off plunger rod on the left.

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