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179 phonographs and  19 accessories reviewed (19/01/2009)

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All the color images are from the collection and all the black & white ones are either from reprints or from other sources.


Started in 1970 with an Edison Standard Model D Phonograph, 15 Blue Amberol cylinders and no horn, the collection has, now, more than 250 machines (see Alphabetical Index).

A Museum open in 1983 and closed for a few years has reopen in 1997 to the public.  You can now take a Tour

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The New Machines, Repro Parts and Accessories of the Month

Here will be listed the new machines repro parts and accessories entered with their date of entry.


Idelia D2  (07/12/2008)

Amberola 75  (30/11/2008)

Amberola 80  (30/11/2008)


The Collection

The collection can be divided into two large sections of nearly same size: the American machines and the non-American ones plus the accessories.



The American machines (86)

The American machines can be themselves divided into three sections: the Edison phonographs (42), the Columbia Graphophones (29) and the other American machines (15) (Busy Bee, US, etc.).



The non-American machines (93)

The non-American machines can be themselves divided into two sections: the French machines and the other European machines (45) (English, German and Swiss).   The French machines can be themselves divided into two sections: the Pathe phonographs (14) and the other French machines(34) (Bettini, Lioret, Ullman,etc.).



The accessories (19)



My bibliography (41)



And, at last, the Lys-O-Phone  lysophonethumb.JPG (6812 bytes)  made in Quebec in 1998.



Cylinder phonograph reproduction parts and reprints


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