Jeff & Pat's Photo Gallery

We had quite a time with the ice storm which hit eastern Ontario and Quebec on January 7, 1998. These photos were taken of our driveway January 7:
The kids stayed home from school until Thursday, although Jeff was able to get to work. It was incredibly slippery, and I'm sure the ornamental cedars in front of the house won't recover, but we didn't have the problems with power outages and trees down that occured in other parts of the country.
Here is a picture taken on Friday, January 9, after the snow came - the picture doesn't show it, but the snow looked to be falling horizontally, it was so windy!
Things cleared up by Saturday, although the trees and fences are still coated with ice. These shots were taken Sunday, January 11:
I wish the ice glistening on the trees showed up better - it looked like they were covered with diamonds sparkling in the sunlight.
On August 29, 1998, we had a surprise hail-storm at the cottage. Hailstones, some literally the size of golf balls, came clattering down.
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