Curriculum Vitae



Jennifer Chin holds an Associates Degree (Hons. A.O.C.A.D.) in sculpture/installation from the Ontario College of Art and Design and a Masters Degree (Hons. M.F.A.) in Sculpture from the University of Windsor. She has been producing and exhibiting her multi-disciplinary work in numerous solo and group exhibitions across Canada and the U.S. since 2002. As part of her professional practice, she has been an art instructor, visiting artist and lecturer at various galleries, universities and independent schools and most recently has been leading community based youth art initiatives in under serviced areas across Toronto.




M.F.A. (Hons.)                2001    Sculpture, University of Windsor

A.O.C.A.D. (Hons.)         1999    Sculpture/Installation, Ontario College of Art and Design   

Areas of Specialization: Sculpture, Installation Art, Digital Media     (photography and video)


Exhibition Record (Solo shows marked by asterisk) 

2006                Flow, TRUCK centre for Contemporary Art, Calgary AB

2004                        Intimate Displays, Norfolk Art Centre, Simcoe ON

2003                        *Passional Series, The Other Gallery, Banff, AB

2002                Five Degrees of Separation, Art Gallery of Calgary, AB

                        1st Course, Bread Box Gallery. Toronto, ON

Pretty Girls, Dirty Boys. (Screenings) University of West Florida, Pensacola, Florida; University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, USA.

                        Peepshow. (Screening) UBMC Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Peep Show 28: No Live Girls The Lusty Lady. Seattle, Washington, and San Francisco, California, USA

2001                *Passional, University of Windsor & Mackenzie Hall Cultural Center, Windsor ON    

                        Examining Our Breasts. Lebel Gallery, University of Windsor ON

                        Multi-Media Extravaganza. Lebel Building, University of Windsor ON

2000                Erotica 21. Art System, Toronto, ON

                        Taking Back the Image. Lebel Gallery, University of Windsor ON   

                        First Year M.F.A. Exhibition. Lebel Gallery, Windsor ON    

1999                Knockout. artFIRM Gallery, Toronto, ON

                        Out From Under. I-Land Gallery, Toronto, ON      

                        OCAD Thesis Exhibition. Nora Vaughn Gallery, Toronto, ON

                        Embodiment. O.C.A.D. Gallery, Toronto, ON

1998                A Weekend Affair. O.C.A.D. Student Union, Toronto, ON

1997                Re/membering. Atrium Gallery Cafe, Toronto, ON

                        Engendered. O.C.A.D. Gallery Cafe, Toronto, ON


Teaching Experience

2003 - present      Artist/Instructor, Avenue Road Arts School, Toronto ON

-        After School & Saturday Visual Arts Programs

-        Adult Visual Arts Programs


2006 – present  Visual Arts Mentor – Toronto Culture

- Providing leadership and on the job training for youth interested in pursuing a career as a professional visual artist and educator


2006-2007       Artist/Instructor: Lawrence West Youth Art Initiative

- Lead artist for youth mentoring program to produce a series of permanent site-specific public art installation at various locations in Toronto’s Lawrence West neighbourhood.


Artist/Instructor, Summer Arts Camps, Mississauga Living Arts Centre     

Photomania (Ages 8 – 10) intensive course in dark room photography

- Movie Makers (Ages 11 – 14) intensive course in digital video


Artist/Instructor, Urban Landscapes: The View From Here, Toronto Culture

- Instructed grade 7/8 Class at Brookview Middle School in Jane-Finch neighbourhood in digital imaging to produce artwork for exhibition and publication of Urban Landscapes: The View From Here


Artist/Instructor: Neputne Community Arts Program, Arts for Children of Toronto

-  Art Education and mural painting program for youth ages 8 – 18 producing permanent public art installation for Toronto Community Housing Project at 155 Neptune.


 Artist/Instructor, March Break Arts Camps Avenue Road Arts School

-        Ceramic Sculpture (Grades 4 – 9).


Artist/Instructor, Art In Action

-        Youth art program in sculpture and digital media in the Jane-Finch Neighborhood


Artist/Instructor, My City, My Art

Youth art program in mixed media producing artwork for traveling exhibition, My City My Art and for permanent installation in Jane-Finch neighbourhood. 


2005-2006       Artist/Instructor, Summer Arts Camps, Mississauga Living Arts Centre     

Photomania (Ages 8 – 10) intensive course in dark room photography

- Movie Makers (Ages 11 – 14) intensive course in digital video


Artist/Instructor, Arts for Children of Toronto & JVS Youthinc.

Jane-Finch Neighborhood Mural (Grades 2 - 12) Jane-Finch Neighborhood after-school painting program for permanent public art installation at Jane-Finch Mall.


Artist/Instructor, Avenue Road Arts School, Toronto ON

- Summer Arts Programs (Grade 3 – 6).

- March Break Arts Camps (Grades 4 – 9).


2001        Graduate Assistant University of Windsor, Windsor ON

2nd year Introductory Sculpture, Fall (Instructor of record),


1999- 2001      Graduate Assistant, University of Windsor, Windsor ON

3rd year Advanced Multi-Media, Winter 2001

2nd year Introductory Sculpture, Winter 2000

- 1st year Sculpture Fundamentals, Fall 1999


Visiting Artist Lectures


2007    Visiting Artist, YouthReach Program. Art Gallery of Algoma, Sault Ste. Marie. ON

2006    Visiting Artist, Conceptual Art (Grade 12), Havergal College, Toronto ON

2005    Artist’s Talk, Intimate Display, Norfolk Arts Centre, Simcoe ON.

            Guest Lecturer, Conceptual Art, Havergal College, Toronto ON

2004    Guest Lecturer, Artist’s Talk, University of Guelph, Guelph ON

Guest Lecturer, Masochism & Performance Art. University of Western Ont., London ON

            Visiting Artist, Conceptual Art (Grade 12) Havergal College, Toronto ON

2003    Visiting Artist, Conceptual Art (OAC) Havergal College, Toronto ON


Artist Residencies


2003                Artist in Residence, Big Rock Candy Mountain Thematic Residency. Media & Visual Arts, Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff AB




2000                        "Bagmata" Wanted Words : From Amalgamots to Undercarmets: Language Gaps Found and Filled. ed. Jane Farrow. Stoddard Publishing Company. Toronto. 2000 pages 19 - 21.

2001                        "Pellicule." Interactions: Feminist Visions in Progress. Feminist Research Group Conference at the University of Windsor: Lecture. April 12, 2000.


Reviews/Articles and Interviews (selected)


2007           Green, Sarah, “ Focus on Positive: photos show how kids see their neighbourhood.” Toronto Sun. Friday June 15. News article.


Doolittle, Robyn, “Drawing on Children’s Hopes” Toronto Star. Thursday June 7, 2007. p. A11 News article.


2006           Lafortune, Wes, “Aburdist humor creates a flood of ideas: FLOW’s mix of installation and film art explore the nature of identity” FFWD, June 15. 2006. Exhibition Review.


2005    “Showcase” The Expositor. September 22, 2005. P. C2. Exhibition Publication.


Schwass, Kate, “G.I. Joe Becomes Art” Times-Reforemer. October 4, 2005. p. 10  Exhibition Review.


2002           Robin Clewley, “Peepshow Gets and Artistic Implant” Wired News.,1284,49575,00.html?tw=wn_story_related  Exhibition review.


“Peepshow on Tour” Art News. 02/06/02 Exhibition review.


2002      Morrell, Amish. "Erotica 21." Lola 9 Summer 2001. p. 70 Exhibition review.


2000           "Wanted Words" This Morning: with Paul Vasey." CBC Windsor. December 18 and 19. CBC Radio interview regarding publication of Wanted Words.


            Mac Donald, Anne. "Knockout."  Lola 7 Fall 2000. p.70 Exhibition review.




2006                OAC Visual Artist Grant: Emerging

2005                OAC Exhibition Assistance – Intimate Display

2003                Financial Award, Banff Centre for the Arts

2001                University of Windsor Research Scholarship

2000                University of Windsor Post-Graduate Tuition Scholarship

1999                University of Windsor Post-Graduate Tuition Scholarship

                        Louis Odette Sculpture Award

                        George A. Ried Award -- Sculpture

1998                Louis Odette Sculpture Award

                        Videofact Production Grant -- Firewatch films

1997                Sully Corth Memorial Fund Sculpture Award

                        Nora E. Vaughn Award -- Integrated Media


Related Experience (selected)


2003 – 2005    Operations Coordinator, Avenue Road Arts School

2002 – 2003    Book Seller, David Mirvish Books/Books on Art

1999 – 2003    Art Director, Firewatch Films Inc.

2001- 2002      Mould-maker, Sculpture Services Canada

2000                Cataloger/Archivist, Art Gallery of Ontario historical archive

-        Iain Baxter, N.E. Thing Company

1997 - 1999     Studio Monitor: Mouldmaking, Ontario College of Art and Design

Professional Service


2005                Volunteer Gallery Guide, AFC Arts Adventure Camp, Toronto, ON

2003 – 2005    Supply Coordinator, Arts for Children of Toronto, Toronto, ON

2001                Executive Member (Secretary), Board of Directors 

                        Artcite Inc./House of Toast, Windsor, Ontario

2000-2001       Department Representative (Visual Arts)

Society of Graduate and Professional Students, University of Windsor

2000-2001       Graduate Representative

                        Faculty Association and Graduate Programming Committee

                        Visual Arts, University of Windsor

2000                Member, Board of Directors 

                        Artcite Inc./House of Toast, Windsor, Ontario


Special Training/Skills and Abilities

-        Fabrication: metal, plastics, wood

-        First Aid (Basic): child and adult

-        Foundry: bronze, aluminum  

-        Mouldmaking and casting

-        Photography (B&W darkroom)

-        Photography – digital

-        Pottery – hand building, wheel throwing        


-        Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier, Apple Works, Final Cut Pro/Express, iMovie, iPhoto, iDVD, Media 100, Microsoft Office, Excel.

-        Video: production/post production

                    -Analog and digital

-        WHMIS trained