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Groo enters the office with some mock-na for Cordelia, a drink which uses muddy water. He offers to rub her schlug-tee. She thinks this means sex and says she doesn't want to do it in the office. He says it's the muscle in your neck. Angel arrives and Cordelia asks if he heard. Angel says no. He says he found Holtz and didn't kill him. They talked and Connor will be coming to live with Angel. Connor is with the dead Holtz. Justine tells him Angel did it, that Holtz was going to leave but Angel wanted him dead. She says she'll help Connor kill him. Connor says no. She asks what he wants to do.

Cordelia and Angel are checking out rooms in the hotel for Connor. This is the sixth. Angel says he needs a tv, that Connor will want to watch tv. He doesn't know what kind of allowance to give Connor. He suggests 50 cents or a dollar and realizes how out of touch he is. Cordelia tells him not to worry, that Connor will love him. She cheers Angel up. Lorne comes in and says Connor can have his room. He's leaving for Vegas to work in a club there. He wants back in the business and doesn't want to reopen Caritas since it just keeps getting destroyed. He admits part of his reason for leaving is the animosity Connor has toward him. He warns them not to turn their backs on Connor anytime soon.

Justine and Connor have taken the body into the woods, to a place Justine says is like Holtz' homeland. Connor says there are no white cliffs. Connor says Holtz always told him about the ranch in Utah where he was supposed to grow up. Justine realizes he never mentioned her. He says they can't bury him, since he may rise as a vampire. He chops off his head.

Lilah approaches Wesley at a bar. She talks to him about Connor, saying that if he turns out to be evil how will the gang deal with him. Suggesting he might kill Angel or Fred. She asks what it was like to get his throat cut. He grabs her throat and asks if she's terribly anxious to find out. Connor and Justine have set Holtz' body on fire.

Groo is slumped on a sofa. Fred and Gunn return, not anxious to tell Angel what happened. Angel and Cordelia come downstairs with Angel trying to get Cordelia to explain the facts of life to Connor. He reveals he heard about the schlug-tee. Fred and Gunn tell them what happened. Angel explains about Holtz leaving and Connor coming to stay with him. Connor arrives. He pretends he doesn't know Holtz is dead. Angel tells him that Holtz left and gives him the letter. Connor says his place is with Angel.

Connor is in his room, reading the letter. Angel arrives with a bookcase with books he liked at Connor's age. Angel asks if he wants breakfast, but Connor says he's not hungry. Angel suggests going out, then realizes it's a sunny day. He suggests they go to a movie that night, an action film. He asks if there is anything Connor wants to do. He says he wants to learn to fight like Angel. Cut to Angel and Connor fighting with Gunn and Fred taking the roles of vampire and victim. Angel tells Connor you've always got to keep your balance. Cordelia comes in and Angel invites her to the movies with them. She wants to go, then remembers she and Groo have some private time planned.

Cordelia arrives home with tuna and ice cream, Groo's favourite. But he's packing to leave. He tells her he's wrong for her. That she doesn't love him. Lorne drops by to say goodbye to Angel. He gives him a CD he made titled Songs for the Love Lorne. Then he tells Angel that Cordelia loves him. Groo is saying the same thing to Cordelia. Lorne leaves and so does Groo. Angel, Connor, Gunn, and Fred are at a drive-in watching a war movie. Fred has finished the jumbo tub of popcorn and sends Gunn to get a free refill and tells him not to skimp on the butter. A real helicopter appears and commandos drop down from it and attack them. In a nearby van, Linwood and Gavin are watching. They intend to grab Connor. But they are fought off. Angel realizes the van holds someone and opens it and pulls out Linwood. It looks like he might kill him, but approaching sirens warn that they should all flee. Connor pushes Linwood into the van and tells him to stay away from his father. They call him Steven, he says his name is Connor.

Cordelia is looking at a picture of herself, Wesley, and Angel. She suddenly has a vision of herself saying she's in love with Angel and it's the right thing to do. The gang get to the hotel and a whistling Angel answers the phone. It's Cordelia. She wants to talk to him, about them. They arrange to meet at Point Dume, on the ocean, in an hour. Angel hums. Fred worries he's perfectly happy, but he's not.

Wesley has just had sex with Lilah. He tells her to get out. They're mean to each other. Angel is at Point Dume. He tries calling, but drops his cell phone down the cliff into the ocean. Cordelia is stuck in traffic. She starts glowing and suddenly everything stops. Angel is about to get back in his car, but Connor shows up. They fight and roll down the cliff side. Cordelia gets out of her car. Skip appears. He tells her she has become a higher being. She realizes that means going to a higher realm. Angel tries to talk to Connor, but Connor knocks him out with a stun gun. He signals to a boat with Justine. Cordelia tells Skip she is in love with Angel. She asks if he could tell him, but Skip says he's not allowed. She realizes this is the last test. Connor is sealing Angel into a metal box. He tells Angel he's doing this because Angel killed Holtz. Angel denies this, but Connor won't believe him. Cordelia says she knows everything is going to be alright. She starts ascending upward. Angel tells Connor that he doesn't blame him and he loves him. They seal the box and toss him overboard.

In the hotel, Fred and Gunn realize Connor is gone and they can't get in touch with Angel or Cordelia. We see Cordelia ascending heavenward and Angel sinking to the bottom of the ocean.


Okay, I think I would have preferred it if the season had ended with Sleep Tight. It had a great ending and was the culmination of a series of terrific episodes. The episodes since then have not been nearly as good. However, there are a couple of things to praise in this episode. In particular, the fantastic visual at the end of Angel sinking down (and remember Connor felt the ocean was dead, no surprise he choose it for Angel's final resting place) and Cordelia ascending heavenward. The angel sinking downward toward hell and the demon ascending to heaven. There's irony for you. Another great scene was Lilah and Wesley together. Through all the hate, you get the feeling they might actually like each other. And they form an interesting couple, paralleling Cordelia and Angel.

I have a theory as to how the gang will locate Angel. I'm probably wrong. They'll probably get the truth out of Connor or Justine or use magic in some way. Or maybe we'll discover Angel knew Houdini and picked up a few escape tricks. Hey, maybe Wolfram & Hart will save him. Anyway, my theory is simple and it builds on Fred's strength. Angel dropped his cell phone into the ocean. Connor and Justine dropped Angel into the ocean. Presumably in pretty much the same place. Fred, the physicist, tracks down the cell (Angel was using it when he lost it so it is turned on). This leads them to Angel. And for those who are wondering whether Angel would starve to death trapped at the bottom of the ocean the answer is no. Spike explained this in an episode of Buffy. Vampires who don't eat look like concentration camp victims, but they don't die. Okay, I just had to get that off my chest.

I've read a theory that Cordelia's conversation with herself was actually a vision of her conversation with Skip. And that the visions are of things which should not happen. Hence her decision to go was wrong and she will likely return. That theory looks pretty strong to me. I just hope she comes back with fewer powers.

An argument can be made that Wesley is the antiAngel. Where Angel is cool, Wesley is nerdish. Angel is physical, Wesley is intellectual. Angel leads a life of enforced chastity, Wesley seems to be making out like a bandit. There was the blonde in Dear Boy, then Virginia in Guise Will be Guise and subsequent episodes, and now Lilah. Okay, with the exception of Virginia (who thought he was Angel at first), not a very impressive list. But pretty impressive for a guy whose major talent is knowing demon languages. If he is the antiAngel, then Lilah is the antiCordelia (notice she generally wears black and Cordelia is wearing white these days). Cordelia is striving to save Angel, Lilah is striving to seduce Wesley into evil. And, I guess, just seduce him. The parallel is reinforced when we go from the scene with Fred concerned Angel has achieved perfect happiness with Cordelia to the scene with Wesley having sex with Lilah and obviously being very unhappy.

Probably the most interesting moment in this episode occurs when Wesley tells Lilah he wasn't even thinking about her when they were having sex. This clearly hurts her and she fires back that he's losing his soul. I guess she has a point since he's being pointlessly cruel. Lilah is trying to seduce Wesley to evil, trying to make him not feel human emotions. But he's having a reverse effect on her. She's actually coming to care for him, or at least care for what he says and thinks about her.

I like Connor's revenge. It's much more terrible than just killing Angel. And the slow encoffining and burial of Angel was a nice counterpoint to the burning of Holtz. Essentially, Angel is getting the burial Connor had to defy his father. He's put to rest two fathers in about a day. And Justine has been at his side both times. And both times she's had to lie. She had to let him defile and cremate Holtz because she couldn't tell him the truth about how he died. And she had to deny that truth when Angel proclaimed it so she could get her revenge. But that lying, to the person who was meant to be her son, must be difficult for her. Like Holtz, Justine is essentially a good person who suffered horribly at the hands of demons. We already saw that she had trouble living with her conscience when she attacked Wesley. I think the same will be true here. Eventually, she's going to confess about Holtz.

Some quick final thoughts. For someone who lived in a hell dimension, Connor seems to know a lot about modern technology. Or did Justine help him with the stun gun? How come the rooms in the hotel (which has been abandoned for some time) are furnished and the bed linen is in good shape. And why is there no tv? Haven't we seen one in an earlier episode and hasn't Angel shown a knowledge of tv shows? How much did it hurt Justine to learn Holtz had told Connor about their dream but hadn't mentioned her. Enough so that she could accept burning him and not having a proper burial. I'm guessing Holtz sang the white cliffs of Dover song to Connor. Or does that song date back to Holtz' time? From what we've seen of Angel's prevampire life, I didn't take him for a big reader. I'd be really curious what books he brought to Connor. Okay, Point Dume = Point Doom. A little obvious. And a little reminiscent of Mount Doom from Lord of the Rings.

Lines of the week:

"Yes, it is a happy time." - Groo revealing his fine grasp of sarcasm.

"I will cling to the good and I will lay waste to the evil." - Connor making a final vow to Holtz.

"Glad I don't have a conscience." - Lilah making lemonade when life hands her lemons.

"You're a vampire, you're not in cats." - Angel giving Fred some direction.

"It's like a little death. Several in fact." - Lilah complimenting Wesley.

"I wasn't thinking about you when you were here." - Wesley hurting Lilah.

"Your former boss has a soul and you're losing yours." - Lilah striking back.

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