Pilot Film:

1)  The Gathering - The Vorlons arrived and Kosh is almost

Season 1:

2)  Midnight on the Firing Line - The Narn attack a Centauri colony

3)  Soul Hunter - An alien who collects souls arrives on the station

4)  Born to the Purple - Londo is in love but his secret files are in 

5)  Infection - An archeologist sneaks dangerous relics aboard B5

6)  Parliament of Dreams - We meet Catherine and see religious rituals

7)  Mind War - Psi Corps comes to B5 in search of a rogue telepath

8)  War Prayer - Anti-alien sentiment runs high on the station

9)  And the Sky Full of Stars - Sinclair is kidnapped

10) Deathwalker - A war criminal is found on B5

11) Believers - A dying child needs an operation his religion forbids

12) Survivors - Garibaldi confronts his past and goes on the run

13) By Any Means Necessary - A strike cripples the station

14) Signs and Portents - The shadows appear

15) TKO - An interspecies fight and a shiva

16) Grail - A man seeking the grail comes to the station

17) Eyes - B5 staff are under investigation and may have to have mind 

18) Legacies - A minbari warrior's body disappears while lying in state on 

19) Voice in the Wilderness Part 1 - The planet B5 orbits is suddenly

20) A Voice in the Wilderness, Part 2 - An EA warship arrives to take over 
from Sinclair 

21) Babylon Squared - We learn the fate of Babylon 4

22) The Quality of Mercy - A murderer is to be mindwiped, an alien machine 
cures people, and Londo takes Lennier out on the town 

23) Chrysalis - Sinclair proposes, Garibaldi is wounded. the President is 
killed, and Delenn enters a chrysalis

Season 2:

24) Points of Departure -   Sinclair is sent to Minbar as the EA 
ambassador.  Sheridan arrives on the station.  The Minbari explain what 
happened at the line.

25) Revelations - Delenn comes out of her cocoon.  Garibaldi revives and 
his attacker is arrested.  We learn about the death of Sheridan's wife.

26) The Geometry of Shadows - Technomages come to the station and Londo 
tries to meet them.  Ivanova is promoted to commander and Garibaldi 
finally goes back to work.

27) A Distant Star - Sheridan's friend comes to the station and reminds 
him of how boring his job is.  A ship is lost in hyperspace, everyone is 
on a food plan, and Delenn is having problems with other Minbari on the 

28) The Long Dark - A hundred year old ship arrives at B5 with a 
cryogenically frozen passenger.  It also contains a monster which has a 
special link with one of B5's lurkers.  And it is heading to the rim.

29)Spider in the Web - A businessman working to foster a peaceful 
independence for Mars is murdered by a cyborg killer.  Sheridan suspects a
secret government organization called Bureau 13.  And Talia is withholding
evidence about a member of that organization.

30) Soul Mates - Londo's three wives arrive on the station and he prepares
to divorce two of them.  Talia's exhusband arrives and he tries to get 
together again.  Delenn has a bad hair day.

31) A Race Through Dark Places - Rogue telepaths are using B5 as a
waystation as they escape PsiCorps.  Bester comes to the station to find 
them and asks Talia to help him.

32) The Coming of Shadows - The Centauri emperor comes to B5. 
Conspiracies abound and war begins.

33) Gropos - 25,000 ground troop arrive on B5 with Dr. Franklin's father, 
the General.  Lots of trouble follows.

34) All Alone in the Night - Delenn gets kicked off the Gray Council and 
Sheridan is nabbed by aliens.

35) Acts of Sacrifice - The Narn Centauri war leads to conflict on the 
station.  Ivanova has to arrange a treaty with a new species.

36) Hunter, Prey - A renegade doctor comes to the station and we see 
Kosh's ship.

37) There all the Honor Lies - A B5 emporium is opened on the station, 
carrying some ego damaging merchandise.  Sheridan kills a Minbari who 
attacks him and is accused of murder.

38) And Now For A Word - An ISN broadcaster comes to B5 to do a special 
"36 Hours on Babylon 5".  At the same time, the Narn/Centauri war moves to
B5 and the station turns into a political snakepit.

39) The Shadow of Z'ha'dum - Sheridan discovers that Morden was on the 
same ship his wife was on.  A ship supposedly lost with all crew.  He 
arrests Morden, but Delenn and Kosh convince him ot release the Shadow 
agent, after revealing some secrets about themselves and the coming war.

40) Knives - Londo is reunited with an old friend who has some very 
different politics.  And Sheridan takes a walk through the Babylon 5 
triangle, where strange things happen.

41) Confessions and Lamentations - A plague strikes the Markab on the 

42) Divided Loyalties - Lyta Alexander returns to the station with news 
that a spy has infiltrated the command ranks.

43) The Long Twilight Struggle - The Narn are defeated by the Centauri. 
G'Kar seeks sanctuary on B5 but is removed from the council.  Draal 
reappears offerring to help Sheridan.  Sheridan gets let in on the 
secret of the Rangers.

44) Comes the Inquisitor - Kosh is not certain of Delenn and an 
inquisitor from the Vorlon world comes to interrogate her.  Meanwhile, 
G'Kar attempts to buy weapons to continue an underground struggle 
against the Centauri.

45) The Fall of Night - The night watch starts using the information 
it's gathering, the EA cuts a deal with the Centauri, Sheridan is almost
killed, and Kosh reveals himself.  The war is really underway.

Season 3:

46) A Matter of Honour - Marcus Cole, a Ranger, comes to the station to 
get help against the Shadows who are attacking a Ranger base.  The 
Shadows end their agreement with Londo and are shown to have one with EA

47) Convictions - A mad bomber attacks the station with Lennier one of 
his first victims.

48) A Day in the Strife - A new Narn ambassador comes to the station and
demands G'Kar return to Narn.  Vir leaves to take up the Centauri 
mission on Minbar.

49) Passing Through Gethsemane - Lyta comes back having made it to the 
Vorlon homeworld, but she won't tell anyone about it.  One of the monks 
turns out to be a mindwiped excriminal.

50) Voices of Authority - A Ministry of Peace agent comes to the 
station and causes Sheridan some consternation.  Ivanova uses the 
great machine and gets evidence implication Clark in the 
assassination of the president.  Ivanova and Marcus contact one of 
the First Ones and get them agree to help fight the Shadows.

51) Dust to Dust - Bester comes to the station to find a dealer in 
the illegal drug dust.  G'Kar wants to use the drug to fight the 
Centauri.  He takes some and attacks Londo and Vir, who are badly

52) Exogenesis - The Vindrizi take over the bodies of some lurkers, 
and Marcus and Franklin try to find out what's going on.  A brief 
mention of a Shadow buildup in sector 800 and a package from Mars
for Marcus that will arrive in a few weeks.

53) Messages From Earth - A Shadow ship is found on Ganymede, 
apparently the second discovered by Earth.  But this one they mean 
to keep and Sheridan takes the White Star out to stop them. 
Nightwatch steps up its surveillance and becomes suspicious of both 
Garibaldi and Sheridan.  In the final scene, President Clark 
declares marshal law.

54) Point of No Return - Nightwatch is put in charge of station 
security by the political office.  Garibaldi is relieved.  Marshal 
law is declared on the station.  General Hague is trying to mount a 
revolution.  Lady Morella visits the station and tells Vir and Londo
that they will both be Emperor.  She also tells Londo he will have 
three more chances to save himself.  Sheridan wrests back control of
the station and drafts the Narn as security.  G'Kar wants in on the 
conspiracy.  In the final scene, we learn that most of the 
rebellious ships have been destroyed and General Hague will likely 
soon be caught.

55) Severed Dreams - EA forces attack B5 and the rebel ships that 
gather there.  The Grey Council is broken and Delenn gets some of the 
Council to support her and send ships to defend B5.

56) Ceremonies of Light and Dark - Nightwatch kidnap Delenn.  Londo 
threatens Refa.  Lennier confesses he loves Delenn, so does Sheridan, 
Marcus confesses the guilt he feels over his brother's death, 
Garibaldi confesses his fear of losing control, Ivanova confesses she 
loved Talia, and Franklin confesses his addiction.  Delenn gives the 
crew new uniforms.

57) Sic Transit Vir - Vir meets his new wife Lyndisty, gets attacked 
by Narn, reveals his secret identity of Abrahami Linconi, and loses 
his job as ambassador to Minbar.

58) A Late Delivery From Avalon - King Arthur arrives on the station 
and Garibaldi has troubel getting his mail.  Sheridan tries to put 
together an alliance to defend B5.

59) Ship of Tears - Bester shows up and leads to crew to a shipment of
weapons components for the Shadows.  Only they are people, rewired 
Psis to be used as Shadow ship cores.  Bester allies himself with the 
crew in the war.  The Shadows finally strike openly, against another 
alien species.  G'Kar joins the council.

60) Interlude and Examinations - Sheridan gets Kosh to fight the 
Shadows.  Londo is tricked by Morden into rejoining the Shadows.  Kosh 
is killed by the Shadows.  Adira is killed by Morden who tricks Londo 
into believing Refa did it.  Franklin resigns because of his stim 

61) War Without End I - Sinclair returns to the station in the other 
half of Babylon Squared.  It turns out B4 was pulled backward in time to
the first Shadow war where it served as a base for the Minbari.  Without
it, the war would be lost or stalemated and B5 would be destroyed by a 
much more powerful Shadow force.  They all, except Garibaldi, go 
backward in time 6 years to stop a Shadow attack on B4 and to pull the 
station back in time.  Zathrus accompanies them.  Sheridan gets unstuck
in time and ends up in the future on Centauri Prime being held captive
by an angry Londo whose planet is being destroyed by the Shadows, who've
lost the war.

62) War Without End II - Sinclair returns the station to the past and
becomes Valen.  Sheridan discovers he and Delenn have a child, David, in
the future.  Londo and G'Kar kill each other so Sheridan and Delenn can 
escape.  Sinclair, Delenn, and Sheridan are all the one.

63) Walkabout - Sheridan leads an attack against the Shadows using 
telepaths.  Lyta thinks a part of Kosh is in Sheridan.  A new Vorlon 
arrives to take Kosh's place, he tells Sheridan 'we are all Kosh'. 
Franklin is wandering through B5 searching for himself, he meets a 
beautiful girl but she's dying.

64) Grey 17 Is Missing - Garibaldi discovers a cult hiding in a secret 
sector of B5.  Delenn is selected to lead the Rangers only Neroon 
intends to stop her as he feels the Warrior class should lead and that 
Delenn intends to seize power.

65) And The Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place - The power struggle 
between Londo and Refa leads to a series of double and triple crosses 
and a final confrontation on Narn. Vir is forced to act against his 
principles and betrayed by Londo.  Sheridan draws closer to Delenn. 
Religious leaders come to B5 with secret information.

66) Shadow Dancing - The Army of Light launches a major attack against
the Shadow forces and wins, but at a terrible price.  Franklin finally
returns to medlab, after being seriously wounded.  Anna Sheridan is 
sent by the Shadows and goes to John.

67) Z'Ha'Dum - Sheridan decides to go to Z'Ha'Dum with Anna to 
discover the secret of the Shadows.  He takes the White Star but 
leaves it in orbit.  Anna has been taken over by the Shadows and they 
tell him his actions are interfering with the natural evolution of the
species.  He crashes the White Star into their base destroying it. 
The Shadows are attacking B5, but flee when their base is destroyed, 
however, they take Garibaldi with them.

Season 4:

68) The Hour of the Wolf - Londo goes to Centauri Prime and discovers 
Emperor Cartagia is mad and has given the Shadows sanctuary on 
Centauri Prime in the belief they will make him a god.  Ivanova, Lyta,
and Delenn go to Z'Ha'Dum to find Sheridan but fail.  Sheridan is 
alive but he doesn't know why.  He meets Lorien - a mysterious 
character.  G'Kar is out on a mission to find Garibaldi.  The alliance
is broken as the races believe the Shadows destroyed and pull back 
their ships to defend their own worlds.

69) Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi? - Sheridan discovers he is 
dead and Lorien is the first one.  Delenn is fasting in mourning but 
finally decides to launch an attack against Z'Ha'Dum.  G'Kar looks for
Garibaldi with the assistance of Marcus but is captured by the 
Centauri.  Londo makes a deal with G'Kar to kill the emperor and free 
the Narn.  But G'Kar will be tortured.  Garibaldi is held captive by 
what appear to be humans.

70) The Summoning - Ivanova and Marcus of searching for more First
Ones.  Some of the nonaligned worlds seek to stop Delenn from 
attacking the Shadows for fear of reprisal.  Zack finds Garibaldi, 
though where he has been and what happened to him remains a mystery. 
Sheridan arrives in a mysterious ship accompanied by Lorien.  He 
rallies the nonaligned world and says he will win the war for 
eternity.  Susan and Marcus discover that the Vorlons have assembled a
fleet and have attacked a Shadow base, killing millions, mostly 
innocent bystanders.  Now the Army of Light must fight both the 
Shadows and the Vorlons.  G'Kar is cruelly tortured by Cartagia.

71) Falling Toward Apotheosis - The Vorlons are destroying every world
touched by the Shadows.  Cartagia plans to let them destoy Centauri
Prime as a pyre for his deification.  Londo convinces Cartagia to take
G'kar to Narn for a show trial.  He likely will attempt to assassinate
him there.  Sheridan, using Kosh and Lorien, kills Kosh II.  Delenn
discovers Sheridan can only live another 20 years given the life
enhancing process Lorien has used on him.  Garibaldi is cleared for
return to duty.  Cartagia has G'Kar's eye plucked out.  Sheridan gives
Delenn and engagement ring.

72) The Long Night - Sheridan sends Ivanova and Lorien to search for
First Ones.  He promises Ivanova she will be there for the great battle.
Londo orchestrates his plot to kill Cartagia, but Vir ends up having to
do the deed.  Londo keeps his word and frees Narn.  The Narn believe
they drove off the Centauri and when G'Kar tries to convince them
otherwise, they criticize him.  They are eager to appoint a king and go
to war.  As G'Kar points out, they have learnt all the wrong lessons
from the Centauri.  The Army of Light knows where the Vorlons will next
attack and Sheridan hatches a plan that will bring together his armada,
the Vorlons, and the Shadows.  It requires sacrificing one of his ships
and crew.

73) Into the Fire - Londo returns to Centauri Prime, destroys the island
where the Shadows are, learns that Morden killed Adira, kills Morden and
has his head put on a pike so Vir can wave at it as he promised. 
Ivanova and Lorien find all the remaining First One and take them to the
scene of the battle.  Sheridan and Delenn speak to the Shadows and 
Vorlons convincing them that their time has past and they must move all. 
They, Lorien, and the other First Ones all leave the galaxy.  The young 
races are now alone for the first time.  It is the third age.  In the 
first age they were without reason.  In the second, they were 
manipulated by the ancients.  In the third, they control their own 
destiny.  Londo enjoys some happiness, knowing he will probably have to 
pay for it later.

74) Epiphanies - Garibaldi resigns.  Clarke attempts to isolate B5. 
Bester goes to B5 to tell them about Clarke's plans and to get them to 
go to Z'Ha'Dum to get the technology that can save his lover.  When 
they reach Z'Ha'Dum, the Shadow allies are leaving and they destroy the
planet.  Bester is foiled.  The Shadow allies go to Centauri Prime and 
place the keeper on the Regent.

75) The Illusion of Truth - An ISN reporter comes to the station to do
a piece on B5.  He does a hatchet job suggesting Sheridan is mentally 
unstable and under the influence of aliens.

76) Atonement - Delenn is summoned to Minbar where she must undergo 
the dreaming and justify her love for Sheridan.  Franklin and Marcus 
are sent to Mars to meet with allies there.  Zach feels uncomfortable 
taking Garibaldi's job and wishes he would come back.

77) Racing Mars - Sheridan takes a couple of days off and ends up 
fighting with Garibaldi.  Marcus and Franklin make contact with the
resistance on Mars.  Delenn wants Sheridan to partake of yet another
Minbari ceremony - this one dealing with pleasure.  Ivanova tries
to secure supplies for the station through the black market.

78) Lines of Communication - While Marcus and Stephen struggle to 
form an alliance with the Mars resistance, Sheridan looks for a way to 
combat Earth's propaganda, and Delenn discovers that Minbar is 
imperiled -from within and from without.

79) Conflicts of Interest - Garibaldi gets further involved with Wade and 
his associates.  He meets his old flame Lise again.  Ivanova gets her
propaganda broadcasts going.

80) Rumors, Bargains and Lies - Sheridan tricks the nonaligned worlds into allowing WhiteStars to 
patrol their borders.  Delenn meets with Neroon to negotiate an end to 
the Minbari civil conflict.

81) Moments of Transition - Delenn surrenders to the Warrior caste yet
manages to win anyway and reform a modified Grey Council.  Bester 
arrives on B5 and makes a deal with Lyta - she must wear the Corps 
regalia and her body is hers when she dies.  He also implies he is 
behind whatever is happening to Garibaldi - who is getting ever more 
deeply involved with Edgars.

82) No Surrender, No Retreat - Sheridan launches his first counterattack 
against the EA.  Londo approaches G'Kar about a joint venture in 
support of Sheridan.  Garibaldi leaves for Mars, apparently never to return.

83) Exercise of Vital Powers - Garibaldi arrives on Mars and
meets Edgars.  He agrees to provide Edgars with Sheridan. 
Edgars claims he, too, wishes to stop Clark but that 
Sheridan is making the situation worse and that a telepathic
dictatorship may soon result.  Franklin discovers how to 
awaken the Shadow telepaths and he and Lyta are ordered to 
Mars by Sheridan.

84) The Face of the Enemy - Garibaldi betrays Sheridan, handing him
over to Edgars who gives him to Clark.  Franklin and Lyta arrive on 
Mars to a chilly greeting by Number One.  Psis are being used to 
scan suspected members of the underground, and the scans are often
fatal.  Lyta reveals that Psi Corps has used such techniques in the 
past and complains of the increasing gulf between psis and mundanes.
Edgars reveals to Garibaldi that he plans to enslave psis by releasing a 
plague that will affect only them.  Without regular shots of a drug his
company has developed, psis will die.  This will allow mundanes to 
control psis forever.  However, once Garibaldi learns this, he signals 
Bester and we discover Bester was the one who captured Garibaldi,
reprogrammed him, and sent him out to discover what the plot was 
about.  Bester is kind, he restores Garibaldi's memory and frees him.
Garibaldi tries to contact B5 to explain what happened, but they will
not listen and Ivanova gives orders to shoot him on sight.  He then 
returns to the Edgars compound to find Edgars dead, Wade dying, and
Lise vanished.  The plague and the cure have also disappeared.

85) Intersections in Real Time - Sheridan is interrogated.

86) Between the Darkness and the Light - Garibaldi tries to redeem 
himself by rescuing Sheridan.  Ivanova tries to clear the way to 
Mars by confronting the EA fleet.

87) Endgame - Sheridan leads to fleet to attack Earth.  Garibaldi 
leads a resistance attack on Mars.  Marcus tries to save Susan.

88) Rising Star - Sheridan resigns with honour.  Susan tries to deal
with Marcus' death. Delenn forms a new alliance.  Garibaldi finds 

89)Deconstruction of Falling Stars - We see the future 100, 500, 
1000, and 1 million years after the events of Rising Star.

Season 5:

90)No Compromises - Lochley arrives at the station, Sheridan has his 
inauguration, some telepaths want to set up a colony on B5, and an
assassin shows up.

91)The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari - Londo has a heart attack 
and experiences some strange hallucinations.  Lennier decides to leave
B5 and join the rangers.

92)The Paragon of Animals - Garibaldi wants to recruit psis to act as
covert agents.  Sheridan has to decide how to respond to a request for 
aid from the Enfili, who are threatened by raiders.

93)A View From the Gallery - A View From the Gallery - Aliens attack 
the station and we see it all through the eyes of two maintenance men. 

94)Learning Curve - Rangers come to the station to visit Delenn.  A 
gangster tries to take over the criminal underworld of B5.  Sheridan
reveals a secret about Lochley and himself to Delenn.

95)Strange Relations - Bester shows up and tries to arrest the telepaths.
Garibaldi tries to kill him.  We learn Lochley and Sheridan were once
married.  G'Kar becomes Londo's bodyguard.

96)Secrets of the Soul - Franklin stumbles across an alien race's genocide
and Byron learns of the Vorlon manipulation of Psis.

97)Day of the Dead - Rebo and Zooty come to the station.  The Brakiri
celebrate the day of the dead.  Just about everyone gets an unexpected

98)In the Kingdom of the Blind - Londo meets with the Regent on 
Centauri Prime.  Byron makes his demand for a homeworld for psis and
attempts to blackmail all the ambassadors.

99)A Tragedy of Telepaths - G'Kar discovers Na'Toth is a prisoner of 
the Centauri.  Lochley asks Bester for help.  Sheridan comes up with 
a temporary plan to stop the Alliance from collapsing.

100)Phoenix Rising - Things come to a head as the rogue Psis turn to
violence and Bester and Lochley fight over who is in charge.  Meanwhile,
Garibaldi looks for revenge on Bester.

101)The Ragged Edge - Garibaldi goes to the Drazi homeworld to get 
information about the attacks on Alliance shipping.  Franklin gets 
a job offer.  G'Kar gets a new career - prophet.

102)The Corps is Mother, The Corps is Father - An episode showing
the inside of Psi Corps.  Bester comes to the station to capture
a telepath killer who also happens to be insane.  And his protege
learns how mundanes feel about psis.

103)Meditations on the Abyss - Delenn asks Lennier to go to Centauri
space and check for signs of Centauri involvement in the raids on other
worlds.  Lennier tries to help another Ranger trainee on the ship he's
assigned to.  Franklin attends one of G'Kar's sessions.  Garibaldi just
gets worse.

104)Darkness Ascending - Garibaldi has nightmares - or maybe Lyta is
practising.  Lise comes to visit.  Londo suspects a conspiracy to 
implicate the Centauri Republic in the attacks against Alliance
shipping.  Lennier almost dies but gets proof of Centauri involvement.
Lyta sells psi genetic material to G'Kar for ships and cash.

105)And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder - The Alliance learns of
the Centauri involvement in the attacks on shipping.  War is 
declared.  Londo and G'Kar return to Centauri Prime.  Zack 
realizes Garibaldi is drinking but does nothing.  Sheridan 
realizes his hopes for cooperation and peace through the 
Alliance are coming to nothing.

106)Movements of Fire and Shadow - Lyta and Franklin discover the
secret behind the Centauri attacks.  Sheridan discovers the Narn
and Drazi are planning a secret attack on Centauri Prime.  Delenn is
sent on a secret mission to Minbar.

107)The Fall of Centauri Prime - Londo finally becomes Emperor.
The war ends but the peace looks to be ugly.  Vir becomes ambassador
to Babylon 5.

108)The Wheel of Fire - Sheridan realizes Garibaldi is drinking.
The EA realizes Lyta is funding attacks on the PsiCorps.  G'Kar
discovers he is more revered than ever by the Narn.  Garibaldi
decides to leave and go to Mars with Lise.  G'Kar decides to go
travelling and suggests Lyta go as his companion.  And Londo is still
all alone.

109)Objects in Motion - Number One (Tessa) comes to the station to tell
Garibaldi he and Lise are the objects of an assassination.  G'Kar and
Lyta leave.  Garibaldi and Lise marry and leave for Mars.  Stephen and
Tessa continue their relationship.

110)Objects at Rest - Franklin leaves the station for his new job, 
appointing Dr. Hobbes his successor.  Ta'Lon arrives to discover G'Kar
gone but a message left for him.  G'Kar wants Ta'Lon to take over 
for him as ambassador.  Garibaldi appoints a new board of directors
for Edgars Industries.  Lennier arrives to help Sheridan and Delenn
move to the new Alliance headquarters on Minbar.  But en route, Lennier
almost allows Sheridan to die.  Ashamed, he flees. Londo comes to Minbar
to visit and gives Sheridan and Delenn a gift, an urn to be given to 
their child when he comes of age.  Only the urn contains a keeper.

111)Sleeping in Light - Sheridan's 20 years are up and his surviving
friends gather to see him one more time.