John & Fran Madigan

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Homestead Reservations: Family members who wish to reserve the farm need to contact Jack.  Click here to view the 2018 calendar. Don't be discouraged if the date you want is already booked; there may be some flexibility. Pemberton Museum The Pemberton & District Museum & Archives Society
Jeannette Dion Memories of Grandma, Jeannette Dion:  Read in English or in Francais.



Fran's Art:  View some of Fran's art. Renfrew County Fiddlers Association   The Renfrew County Fiddlers Association

Short Stories  and Journals: You can believe the journal entries but, as Yogi may have said, "seventy-five percent of the stories are half true."     


  Snake Rapids Hunt Camp The Snake Rapids Hunt Club: History and information about the family hunt club.