John & Fran Madigan

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Homestead Reservations: Family members who wish to reserve the farm need to contact Jack.  Click here to view the 2015 calendar. Don't be discouraged if the date you want is already booked; there may be some flexibility. Pemberton Museum The Pemberton & District Museum & Archives Society
Jeannette Dion Memories of Grandma, Jeannette Dion:  Read in English or in Francais.



Fran's Art:  View some of Fran's art. Renfrew County Fiddlers Association   The Renfrew County Fiddlers Association

Short Stories  and Journals: You can believe the journal entries but, as Yogi may have said, "seventy-five percent of the stories are half true."  Madigan Services Madigan Services: To help you with letters, forms, applications...etc.

Our relatives in France.  View pictures of the relatives in France as well as photos of the Dions. Snake Rapids Hunt Camp The Snake Rapids Hunt Club: History and information about the family hunt club.

Tante Thérèse

We mourn the loss of Aunt Therese who passed away in France, Dec 16, 2010.   .