IM_myhmpg_2.gif (4835 bytes)My Apologies !!! I have been extremely irresponsible to this site. It has been a very long time since I enhanced it as I've been terribly busy with real world stuff. Mainly the development of my life. I'll endeavor to correct this situation.

Welcome to the homepage of my personal WEB Site. I am unsure why people set these things up as they seem to be quite irrelevant to the global scope of things, except, maybe, as a soap-box for personal opinions. However, as I needed to create a WEB Site for work, this is where I practiced. Thanks for your patience and any comments would, of course, be appreciated. Please Email me at: jg.austen @ - You'll have to remove the spaces I inserted to screw up the auto-email search engines those dammed spammers use.

Photo_John.jpg (13806 bytes)    I am a 40 year old male born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am of English descent and proud of it (Rule Britaina, God save the Queen and all that stuff). I work for a major Advertising/Communications company as Manager of Internet site technologies and will be offering a copy of my employment dossier via email, for those who might be interested.

    Although I have a variety of interests, one of my main passions is cruisin' on my bike. I traded in the Ol' VLX and bought a new Honda Shadow Aero. Come see some of my favorite ani_updated.gif (1754 bytes)Motorcycle links.
    I am also an avid lover of Medieval History and have been a participating member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) for almost  20 years. The SCA is an organization dedicated to the pursuit of Medieval studies through practical experience, rather than just theory. Check out some of my favorite Medieval links.
    I've also included separate Pages that represent some of my other interests as well. I've included some of my favorite Toronto area restaurants and for those of you that love the Ocean I've included several links to Vacation spots that I have had the pleasure of visiting.

    I'm Also using my Homepage as a stepping stone to some of my buddies homepages. Check-out their sites out as well.

Name and Website (If available) Email address (Anti-Spam spaces incl.) Photos
John Austen (You're already here) jg.austen @ John
David Thomson david.thomson @ Dave
Jack Brooks jbrooks @ Jack
Dean Bartlett dean.bartlett @ Dean
Darrell Markewitz - The Wareham Forge - A buddy of mine who's a Blacksmith Wareham.Forge @ See his site

    Oh, and yes, one of my favorite colours is purple......what's it to ya?.....

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