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ani_updated.gif (1754 bytes)Well, I finally accomplished what I was hoping to do. I sold the VLX end of April and picked up my Aero. It took a long time and a lot of hassles (warehouse miss-ships, etc.) but I've finally got a mans bike (right Bob?). Actually, I must admit that the VLX tended to disappear between my other buddies larger bikes. Not any more! Now my Aero tends to be the largest of the group (take that ya' Ol' Bastards).

my VLX.GIF (17684 bytes)My OLD Bike : Untill recently, I rode an all black Honda Shadow VLX with twin Cobra shotgun pipes. She was loud and I loved 'er. Unfortunately she was only a 600cc 4 speed and at 6'1" and close to 200 lbs., well you get the idea. A little light and a few inches too short for my legs.

Aero_2_small.gif (4142 bytes)My CURRENT bike (Thanks to the stock market): My objectives were finally met and I upgraded to the Shadow Aero . The Aero is Honda's current Classic cruiser, designed to replace the ACE 1100, a bike that Honda messed up (IMHO) by screwing with the engine in an attempt to get that Harley-Davidson sound and vibration. The Aero uses Hondas new VT1100C3 engine and is designed with serious retro in mind. She be truly scary. The one main problem I have with the new bike is that she's as quite as a lamb. I used to set the car alarms off in undergrounds, now I cant even wake my a__-hole neighbour up. I'll have to fix that, after all, loud pipes save lives right?

By the way, don't, for a second, think that I'm going to get into all that garbage about Cruisers vs Crotch Rocketeers, Harleys vs Jap-scrap. 2 wheelers are 2 wheelers, period and besides, what difference does it make. If the thing runs I'll get bugs in my teeth, regardless of who built it.

Don't Agree? E-mail me: jg.austen @ sympatico.ca

Just 2 cents from a 2 wheeler.......<G>

STILL Important !! (IMHO)

    Every Year I ride the The Ride For Sight put on by the RP foundation with several of my riding buddies. This ride is a charity event that brings thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts together for a fabulous (albeit sometimes too short) non-stop haul. Traditionally the ride started from the Pickering civic center to that weekend motorcycle event held in Fenlon Falls, Ont.. Yes Motorcyclists and Bikers can exist in harmony.

    This Year ('98), however, will see a change in venue. The ride will be staging at the Toronto International Centres' parking lot with Collingwood as the final destination. The objectives this year will be more of a rally format. . Cost is a tax deductible donation of $50 which can be collected through sponsorship or out of pocket. It''s well worth the money and hey, it's for charity, what better way to spend your cash.

Visit their WEB site for more information
about this years Ride for Sight. I hope to see
you there. It truly is a blast.

bikozi01.gif (38561 bytes) This is my buddy David Thomson winterizing his Bike !!! He bugged me for too long to publish a WEB Page. I warned him that I'd get him, so when I saw this Ani_GIF I just couldn't resist. This ones for you Bud......


LINKS - I could list a whole bunch of sites that I've surfed but then I'd just have to maintain and update the list. Instead I thought I'd link you to several Search sites with the keywords already done for you. Nice eh...<G>. By the way, One exception is Robert Scott-Buccluech's WEBSite which has a fantastic Motorcycle page.

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