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Well, we are curious, aren't we? ;-)

    To begin with I enjoy drinking fine red wines of the world, although I must admit, I tend to be partial to Italian Chianti's. Have a look at some of the following links.....

In vino veritas - home page - Italian WEBSite, but contains some excellent info in English
Welcome to Marco's Italian Wines Home Page
Robin Garr's Wine Lovers' Page - An excellent Wine site with lots of information and many valuable links. A must see !!
The Wine Page

    These wines can be enjoyed at several fine restaurants in the Toronto area. There are a few specific ones that I enjoy so much that I thought I'd post them here for you. (By the way. None of these restaurants paid for these references, in fact they don't even know I've listed them here. I just believe that if you do good by me, I'll let people know. and if you don't...The same applies)

Restaurant Name Food Style Address Phone Comments
Whitlock's General 1961 Queen E. (the Beach) 691-8784 I live in the Beach so I may be biased but...Whitlocks has never served me a meal I didn't love and they have a great wine list. I took my sweetie there for Valentines day and we had a fantastic fillet de Oscar, with crab and calamari. The wine was an '88 rosti chianti that was exquisite
Casa di Georgio Italian 77 LowerJarvis 416-363-2013 Fabulous Italian food (great take-out pizza). The staff are very friendly and will take those extra steps to ensure your dining experience is exceptional.
Korean Village Han Kuk Kwan Korean B-B-Q and Sushi 628 Bloor (2 blks West of Bathurst) 416-536-0290 I absolutely love Sushi. I absolutely love Bulkoki. now I can love them together. This restaurant has been around for 27 yrs and serves both well. The sushi is very fresh. They make one of the best miso soups in the city, and the bar-b-q is excellent.

    Another area of interest is Poetry. Yes I actually like to write it but I rarely share it (twice in my life). I tend to bury it after completion for it's the creation that gives me pleasure. I have decided to place a piece that I wrote several years ago for someone, who, at the time, was probably the most important person in my life. It's sad how things change with time. Anyway, for your enjoyment........The darkness of the night.....

    I take great pleasure in Photography, especially nature by the macro lens. A few years ago I had the privilege of traveling to India and Hong-Kong where I took some floral shots. Have a look at my Special Photos Page if you'd like.

    I also enjoy fine art. If I had to choose a favorite artist it would have to be Monet, with Dali a close second. I also have a passion for the artists of the Renaissance and the classic Pre-Raphaelites . Have a look in le Musée du Louvre or some of my other art links.

Printmaster, Inc: Fine Art Prints and Search Service CJFA- Carol Jackson's Fine Art- A Virtual Art Museum CJFA- Claude Monet Pre-Raphaelite Paintings The Pre-Raphaelite Critic
Michelangelo Buonarroti Pre-Raphaelite Gallery Salvador Dali Art Gallery Claude Monet The World Of Claude Monet

    If I want to head out on the town, it usually is somewhere I can enjoy "shooting stick" (pool - usually 8-ball). One of my pet peeves is the number of "experts" that claim to know "the rules". As with any game, there tends to be only one set of rules, and many variances or conventions. 8-Ball is probably the prime example of this. Like it or not, the Americans invented the most common North American games of pool (not Billiards mind you) therefor they generally made the rules. The American congress of Billiards publishes the only true Rules that I am aware of. All other deviancies are mearly representations of an individuals preferred variations or "house conventions". But try telling this to one of those drunken "experts". There are as many variations and conventions as there are people and bars, sometimes even relative to the time of day. So, go check out the rules. You'll be surprised. Maybe then there won't be as many spilled beers or broken ques.....No? ....Oh well, guess I was wrong to assume that you can teach beer swillin' louts anything.