My Buddy Jack. He also enjoys the Medieval thing and was with me at the Orangeville festival. (See my medieval photos)
Well, last year Jack finally got his first bike. What a Ratty!!!! But at least it got him on two wheels (barely thought ;-)   ) This year, I guess the razzin' finally paid off. Jack has just purchased a really fine new Valk. By Honda. Nice Bike Pal !!!!!!!Now ya don't look like a frog humpin' a football !!!

Yo' Jack, when 're ya gonna get a real bike?

Jack.bmp (718048 bytes)

Jack's new bike (serious grin eh?). Now he's gotta' get some chrome polish, and soft rags, an his wife's not gonna' see him on weekends this summer, and well you know.......

PHT_jack_bike1.JPG (167582 bytes)

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