My Soapbox for personal opinions

Warning : The opinions expressed on this page are purely my own and not those of anyone else that might care (my ISP, my company etc.).

    I am not politically correct and think little of those that strive to make this world a nicer place by wasting time and money on warm and fuzzy type projects. This is not to say that I believe or practice the Neanderthal processes attributed to the average North American Male, quite the contrary. I do however feel that the 80's emasculated most men by forcing us to be more sensitive and to get in touch with our feminine sides. This is the 90's. Men are back (at least that's what one mens cologne advertising says)!!!.

So, Take this test, as I don't want to offend anyone:

Mankind, Human, Manners, Manipulate, Mandibles, Manager, Mango

The Preceding terms made you feel: (select one).

A) Uncomfortable, because it really should be: Personkind, HuPerson, Personners, Personipulate, Persondibles, Personager, Persongo and how insensetive of you not to know that!
B) Like you should and go out and hunt down the next WASP male and make him pay by throwing him down the nearest Personhole, sorry, utility access uncovered opening.
C) Nothing because you have more important things to do with your time.