Some of My favorite Vacation Spots.

I have to tell you that I love the Ocean. The smell, the taste, the feel. It doesn't matter where I see it, whether North or south, east or west. I try to get to the ocean once a year. If I don't I get grumpy (Actually my friends use slightly harsher words).

    One of my favorite retreats is Ogunquit, Maine. There are great places to stay and fabulous restaurants. My favorite is probably the Lobster pound where this summer, I finished off a 4 pounder "big boy". I gotta tell you that after 4 lbs. of lobster I was almost tired of it. Well almost but not quite......

    I also love to travel to Boston Mass. and the surrounding area right down to cape cod. I used to travel to Province town but the population has become a little too "alternative" for me. Although the town has been gay for a long time, lately it is no longer inviting to us "breeders". I'm not homophobic in the slightest but some of these folk are downright obnoxious and it's no longer fun to visit. Ah well, there are many other great places along the coast to visit

The following is a table of some of my Southern Maine and Massachusetts links, including Ogunquit.

Welcome to Southern Maine LOBSTER.NET: Your Guide to the Southern Maine Seacoast Welcome to Ogunquit, Maine - Ogunquit, Maine A Perfect Day In Boston Worcester, Massachusetts - I included Worcester because of the Higgins Armoury Museum. Amazing collection of A&A
Salem, Massachusetts - Welcome Nantucket Island The Cape Cod Information Center