Whiteface Mt.

Whiteface from Connery Pond 88-07-02

Whiteface's summit 88-07-02


Whiteface Mt. it's a ski center, but it's also the fifth highest summit of the Adirondack with 4867 feet. It's one of the Northeast High Peaks summits located near Lake Placid. The Memorial Highway that started near Wilmington gets as close as 300 feet from the summit. This is a toll road from its 5th km. Before the tollgate there is two designated parking areas for hikers. A 3rd access is the Connery Pond's parking near Rte 86. The shortest trail starts from the second parking on the Memorial Highway at the Atmospheric Sciences Research Center. Esther Mt. can also be made by the same trail. Whiteface gets many tourists from end of May to begin of October because of the easy access by the toll road. This summit will look like Mount Washington during these months. Because of that, few hikers like this summit. The exception might be those hikers willing to celebrate their 46th and last 4000 feet summits climb in the Adirondack. The toll road allowed them to celebrate that moment with relatives and friends.