Mt. Colden

Colden from Flowed Lands 88-05-14

Colden from Algonquin 88-06-11


This open summit is most spectacularly views from Marcy Dam, Algonquin Peak or Phelps Mt.. There are two trails over this summit that allowed for a loop from Heart Lake or Marcy Dam. This loop allows discovering some very special areas of the Adirondack that are Avalanche Pass and Avalanche Lake. The Avalanche Pass Trail, which starts from Marcy Dam, passes throw the narrow Avalanche Pass with its many hundred feet vertical walls and then follows the Avalanche Lake. The trail along this narrow lake is at the foot of a vertical cliff and covered with rocks 8 to 10 feet tall where ladders and stairs help ease the access. Also along this section, on the other side stands the impressive Colden Mt. bare rock. The ascent from Lake Colden is steep and often on bare rock. To return at Marcy Dam, the L. Morgan Porter Trail (through Lake Arnold) has a lot of muddy sections but is shorter than the Lake Colden trail.