Saddleback Mt.

Saddleback from Basin 88-10-08

Saddleback's slide 88-09-24


Saddleback Mt. is in fact 2 summits separated by a little Col that gives its appearance and the name of "Saddleback" to it. It is located between Gothics and Basin Mt. in the Great Range. This summit is often done at the same time than Basin Mt. that allows making booth sides of Saddleback Mt. and discovering all the beauty of the trail. The East side trail of Saddleback offer a privilege viewpoint on the West face of Gothics where hikers can be seen on the bare parts of the trail. The West side trail traverses a very steep rock cliff unique in its style in the Adirondack. Warning: This rock cliff has near 300 feet and is very hard to pass. They will offers no problem to a 6 feet tall hiker, but there are no rope, ladder or tree branches to ease the ascent. Some sections have a 45 angle or climb some 5 feet tall rock wall. To get a maximum safety, hikers must follow the pained blaze and help each other. We even bring a small rope to secure the climb if some one needed it.