Table Top Mt.

Gothics & Saddleback from Table Top 90-10-07

Table Top's summit 90-10-07


This summit without maintained trail is located half way between Phelps Mt. and Mt. Marcy. There is no easy viewpoint on this summit covered with spruce trees 6 to 10 feet tall. You have to climb to a tree to get a nice view over the Great Range and Mt. Marcy. The unofficial trail starts near Indian Falls. It's very muddy and reaches a wide flat area near the summit covered with many trails. This summit gets a lot of attention from the 46er in 1997. The section near the summit has been greatly improve and should be easier to follow. In 1998, the starting point near Indian Falls will be improve to avoid the muddy sections and offers a unique trail. This is the first summit from those without maintained trail that has its route improved. This work is done by the "Adirondack forty-sixers" organization as part of their many volunteers trail maintenance projects each year.