Rocky Peak Ridge

Rocky Peak Ridge 88-05-08

Rocky Peak Ridge's summit 95-09-10


This summit is located just East of Giant Mt.. It has a large open summit like Mt. Skylight. Atop, we have an unobstructed view in all directions: A close view of Giant's East side to the West, the Dix Range is far away to the Southwest and the Champlain Lake and highway 87 are to the Southeast. To East Trail that starts from the parking lot on Rte 9, pass over many summits including Rocky Peak Ridge and connect with the Ridge Trail to Giant Mt.. This trail is on open rock on half its length and offers many spectacular viewpoints. This is a unique trail condition in the Adirondack. This kind of trail is very similar to those of the White Mountains. For those who are looking for a shorter hike, Blueberry Cobble or Bald Peak are two great destinations with many open viewpoints. Warning: There is no water source along this entire trail. The Marie-Louise Pond is a stagnant water not safe to drink. There are a lot of ascents and descents on this trail.