Macomb Mt.

Macomb from South Dix 88-08-11

Macomb's slide 91-08-31


This summit without a maintained trail is located South of the Dix Range. A bare rock designates its summit with a North view to Dix Mt. and a West view to Elk Lake. This summit is often done at the same time than some of the Dix Range summits: South Dix, East Dix and Hough Peak because it's at the beginning of one the unofficial trails leading to the Dix Range. The trail begins behind the Slide Brook Lean-to and follows the Slide Brook along many beautiful waterfalls. It reaches a spectacular wide slide from the top of witch starts a very steep ascent in a deep spruce forest. Warning: The slide is covered with loose rocks that may be dangerous for following hikers. The top section is very steep and slippery.