Big Slide Mt.

Big Slide from the 3rd Brother 88-04-22

Big Slide from the 3rd Brother 97-04-26


This mountain has an open view on the South side on all the Great Range up to Mt. Marcy and on the John Brook Valley. The access is from the parking lot at The Garden near Keene Valley. The most used trail follows the 3 summits of The Brothers before reaching Big Slide Mt.. The Brothers have many open sections with great viewpoints. Some parts of the trail are steep between the first and the second brothers. The final ascent to Big Slide Mt. is also very steep. The Slide Mt. brook Trail allows making a loop by joining the Phelps Trail for the return to The Garden. This loop is longer but has a difficulty similar to the ones of Algonquin Peak or Giant Mt.. For those who are looking for a shorter hike, the first Brother is a good destination with 3 great viewpoints along the hike.