Cascade Mt.

Rte 73 from Cascade 88-10-02

Cascade's summit from Rte 73 91-09-16


One of the most popular summit of the Adirondack with Algonquin Peak and Giant Mt.. It's the easiest hike among the 4,000 feet summit. Cascade Mt. has a 360 view from its large rocky top. There is a magnificent view to the North of the entire Lake Placid Valley. The entire hike is in a wooden trail except for the last km, which is on bare rock. This summit stands apart from the other High Peaks, so there is no view over those highest summits that are Mt. Marcy, Mt. Colden or Algonquin Peak. Those summits are well seen from another easy hike to Phelps Mt.. On an hike to cascade Mt., it's easy to get also Porter Mt. that stands just 30 minutes from the junction with Cascade Mt..