Mt. Colvin

Colvin from Lost Lookout 93-09-19

Colvin's summit 95-10-08


This summit is located South of the Lower Ausable Lake. This is the highest summit of the Pinnacle Ridge that begins with Mt. Colvin and extends to the Southwest parallel to the Lower Ausable Lake and the Upper Ausable Lake. His summit is a large open rock with almost a 360 view with the Great Range to the North and Nipple Top to the South. There is 3 possible routes from the Lake Road. The one along the Gill Brook has many nice waterfalls whereas the one starting at the end of the Lake Road getting near Indian Head and Fish Hawk Cliffs that are two nice destinations by itself with spectacular viewpoints. From the junction with the Nipple Top trail the ascent is very steep with many false summits. From Mt. Colvin the trail follow the ridge to another 4,000 feet summit call Blake Peak.