MacNaughton Mt.

Santanoni Range from MacNaughton 91-07-01

MacNaughton's summit 91-07-01


This trail less peak is located West of Wallface Mt. and Indian Pass. This is not one of the original 46 peaks over 4,000 feet completed the June 10, 1925 by Herbert K. Clark (#1), George Marshall (#2) and Robert Marshall (#3). Base on most recent topographic survey, he is higher than some other peaks of the original 46 peaks list. It's the most difficult trail less peak. To get there, follow the herd path starting just after the beaver dam at Hunter Pond on the Henderson Lake-Duck Hole Trail. This herd path joins the MacNaughton Brook with its many waterfalls and follows them on its right side until reaching the ridge that leads to the summit. This route is obstructed by a lot of dead trees and look more like a bushwhack.