Couchsachraga Peak

Couchsachraga from Panther 90-08-25

Couchsachraga's summit 90-08-25


This trail less peak is part of the Santanoni Range and located in the Southwest area of the High Peaks Region. This is a tree-covered summit on a boulder with little place for hikers. This peak is usually done at the same time as Santanoni Peak and Panther Peak as a very long day hike. From "Time Square", the herd path descends a long ridge before reaching Couchsachraga Peak. It's one of the most remote summits of the High Peaks Region. Warning: A 3 days trip can be plane using the Santanoni Lean-to and surrounding area as a base camp. There is very little water supply and the whole area is located in a swampy Col. All the rustic camping sites will be less than 10 feet from the trail! The best time to use this region is after 2 weeks of dry conditions.