Landmark Hr Km
Start 08:00 0,00
Uphill Lean-to 09:00 2,61
Jct Lake Arnold 09:20 3,41
Lake Tear of the Clouds 10:30 5,41
Gray Peak 10:52 6,21
Start 11:00  
Timberline 12:10  
Mt. Marcy 12:20 7,42
Start 12:45  
Four Corners 13:17 8,67
Mt. Skylight 13:45 9,51
Start 14:00  
Four Corners 14:15 10,35
Lake Tear of the Clouds 14:30 10,89
Jct Lake Arnold 15:20 12,89
Uphill Lean-to 15:35 13,70
End 16:30 16,30
Gray Peak, Mt. Marcy and Mt. Skylight

This is the 3rd day of a 4 days trip. A day hike loop to Gray Peak, Mt. Marcy and Mt. Skylight for a total of 16,3 km in 8 hours including 1 hour of rest. The start is from Lake Colden camping area. This hike follows the Marcy Trail up to the beaver dam on Lake Tear of the Clouds. Then follows the herd path up to Gray Peak. This trail has a steep section before reaching the summit. Continue to Mt. Marcy by the herd path between Gray Peak and Mt. Marcy. The 46er's register describes it as an horrible bushwhack to avoid. In fact there is a reasonable path almost continue along all the way. Some time you have to look around a bit because some low tree branches hide the trail. The trail starts from the left of a strait line between booth summits and finish to the right of that same line. The Mt. Marcy's summit is visible almost all the time. From the timberline there are cairns to guide you through the fragile alpine vegetation. From Mt. Marcy follow the Marcy Trail to Four Corners. Ascent to Mt. Skylight and return to Four Corners. Follow the Marcy Trail back to Lake Colden camping area.

The trip:

  • Heart Lake to Lake Colden (trip 96-08-20)
  • Mt. Redfield and Cliff Mt. (trip 96-08-21)
  • Gray Peak, Mt. Marcy and Mt. Skylight (trip 96-08-22)
  • Return to Heart Lake (trip 96-08-23)

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