Landmark Hr Km
Start 07:30 0,00
T Jct with Duck Hole 07:35 0,32
T Jct with Henderson Lake 07:45 1,42
Preston Ponds 08:45 4,12
Hunter Pond 09:00 4,59
Pond 09:15  
Jct herd path 09:25 5,55
Start 09:30  
End of MacNaughton Brook 12:00  
Ridge 12:50 7,48
MacNaughton 13:09 7,97
Start 13:40  
Jct herd path 15:30 10,38
Preston Ponds 16:15 11,81
T Jct with Henderson Lake 17:15 14,52
T Jct with Indian Pass Trail 17:30 15,61
Henderson Lean-to 17:36 15,93
Start 18:15  
End 19:00 18,41
MacNaughton Mt.

Hike in and out of two days to MacNaughton Mt. for a total of 18,5 km in 11 hours including 1 hour of rest. The first day, we made a night walk from Upper Work to Henderson Lean-to. This 2,5 km trip took us 45 minutes. The next day, we hike up to MacNaughton Mt.. Back to Henderson Lean-to, we took a 45 minutes break to pack our material and head back to Upper Work. Warning: The trail up to MacNaughton Mt. is a very hard bushwhack toward a dense spruce forest. There is a non-continuous trail to the right side of MacNaughton Brook. It's mostly between 20 and 100 feet from it. This is one of the most difficult hikes we made in the Adirondack. Consider Allen Mt. as vacation compare to this one.

The trip :

  • Upper Work to Henderson Lean-to (trip 98-05-15)
  • MacNaughton Mt. and back to Upper Work (trip 98-05-16)

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