This concordance presents a guide to people, places and things in the thirteen Modesty Blaise books – 11 novels and 2 short story collections – written by Peter O’Donnell. I have derived the material in this guide solely from the books, not from the newspaper strips. If someone with a complete collection of the strips wants to expand this concordance to incorporate material from those stories as well, then please be my guest.

I have arranged the entries in alphabetical order. For characters, the surname is used, when known. If no surname is mentioned, then I have used the given name. For most entries, I have indicated the source of the information by placing an abbreviation for the title of the story within [square brackets] at the end of the entry. A complete list of abbreviations appears on a separate page. Because of the length of this document – it contains 965 entries and over 42,000 words – I have broken it up into 19 individual pages to make navigation a little easier. Hypertext links have been used to indicate cross-references between entries.

A word of warning: this concordance contains a great many spoilers. Plot points are revealed, as are the fates of many of the characters, both major and minor.


  1. Dr. Aaronson – to – “Bellman”
  2. Bellman – to – Boulter
  3. Gaston Bourget – to – Cawley Fields
  4. Chaldier – to – John Cranwell
  5. Dave Craythorpe – to – Dicer
  6. Dick – to – Mary Forester
  7. Nigel Forester – to – Gerace
  8. Gesner – to – Henri
  9. Her Highness – to – Helen Kaltchas
  10. Kaltchas – to – Le Gant Rouge
  11. Le Lion Rouge – to – Dr. Marston
  12. Bernard Martel – to – Montelero
  13. Montlero – to – Ozymandias
  14. Pacco – to – Pluto
  15. General Ching Po – to – Rossiter Agency
  16. Rossland – to – shield
  17. Dominic Silk – to – Szabo
  18. Tabby – to – Valdez
  19. Captain Axel Valerius – to – Zweif

All of the entries here were derived from the Modesty Blaise books, although I also relied on the Encyclopędia Britanica (1998 CD-ROM edition) to fill in a few details about some of the more obscure (to me) entries. The decisions of what to include and what to leave out may seem somewhat arbitrary, especially as far as places or things are concerned. I have tried to include an entry for every character mentioned in the stories, even if they have no speaking parts or do not appear on-stage. Entries for things or places were included if they referred to something (or someplace) that was not well-known and/or played a significant role in the plot of one of the stories. I realize that there is room for debate as far as some of my choices are concerned. If you believe strongly that I got something wrong, please feel free to let me know. My e-mail address is . (If you think I missed something from a particular book, please include both the title of the book and number of the chapter containing the reference, if possible. Page numbers in either the Souvenir Press or Pan Books editions would also help, but are not essential).

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