Dr. Aaronson – “Bellman”

Aaronson, Dr.: an historian, and an old friend of Sir Gerald Tarrant. Some work Aaronson had done on some scrolls found near In Salah led to the discovery of Mus. Simon Delicata breaks Aaronson's neck when the doctor becomes suspicious about what is really going on at the site of the archeological dig. [TFD]

Abdul One-Eye: an Arab known to Modesty “years ago.” [XT]

Abosso: a boat owned by The Network. Following his rejection by the organization, Hugh Oberon was sent to Sydney, Australia on board the Abosso. [NM]

Abrahams, Joe: the unit director of the film crew that assists in the recovery of Okubo when he is fired over the Berlin Wall using a circus cannon. Abrahams works for John Dall. [GW]

Abu-Tahir, Sheik: the ruler of Malaurak, and a friend of Modesty from before the days of The Network. Abu-Tahir sells the oil concession for his country to England for £10,000,000, payable in diamonds. Gabriel plans to steal the diamonds from the ship that is transporting them as it passes through the Suez Canal. [MB] Willie plans to kidnap Paxero and Damion and ship them to Abu-Tahir's harem for three months of “aversion therapy” as repayment for their treatment of Maude Tiller. His plans change when Modesty discovers Danny Chavasse's Breguet watch in Paxero's villa. [LDL] Willie accompanied Abu-Tahir on a visit to a minor prince in neighbouring Saudi Arabia to help him assess the suitor of one of his daughters. Although he knew the Middle East well, Willie was still stunned by the opulence he saw. [XT]

adrenaline fatigue: to avoid adrenaline fatigue in stressful situations, Modesty and Willie take their minds off their current predicament by fully engaging their attention in other matters. [CT]

Adrian: one of the men that Modesty stops to help while driving to her cottage near Benildon with Danny Chavasse. When he and his partner Tarquin begin to harass Modesty, Howard A. Keyes comes to her rescue. Adrian is actually one of Sir Gerald Tarrant's operatives; the encounter was intended to make Modesty volunteer her services as a bodyguard to Keyes. [DA]

Adrienne: one of Willie's girls, a blonde Swiss air hostess. [XT]

Ahmet: an Arab who Modesty had known before the days of The Network. [XT]

Aileen: one of Willie's girls. Aileen hails from Scotland. Her two obsessions are playing golf and going to bed. Willie is frustrated by her inability to separate the two. [ST]

Al‚eddin: the uncle of Georges and Bernard Martel. He lives in the mountains beyond the Todra Gorge in Morocco. He has spent a lifetime accumulating a large collection of junk of all kinds which he stores in the cave where he lives. While still travelling with Lob, Modesty had sold Al‚eddin a wheel stolen from a jeep, as well as the mule belonging to Mahjoub. Modesty and Willie come to Al‚eddin's cave in search of The Object stolen by Bernard Martel, and discover that the box contains the Pahlavi Crown. Following the escape from Xanadu, Modesty, Willie, Dr. Gilles Pennyfeather, Tracy June Martel and Lttle Krell make their way to Al‚eddin's cave, where they fight the final battle against Jeremy Silk and Dominic Silk. [XT]

Albanian group: a group of contract killers considered by the organization consisting of Harriet Welling, Brigadier George Sumner, Timmins and John Beckworth to kill Howard A. Keyes. [DA]

Albert: the doorman at Modesty's apartment building. [SM]

Alexandrou, Albert: Sir Gerald Tarrant's man in Cairo. Alexandrou tails Modesty and Willie when they strike out on their own to pull the “live-bait” caper on Gabriel. [MB]

Aliki: one of Willie's girls from a village near Heraklion. Convinced that Willie was after some other Cretan girl, she pushed their bed, which was equipped with castors, through the balcony railing and onto the grass 20 feet below. As a result, Willie developed a phobia about sleeping in a bed with castors. [IL]

Almarza: a motor fishing vessel used in the breakup of Bora's operation. Willie, Krolli and other members of The Network boarded the Isparta from the Almarza on Modesty's signal. [NM]

Alvarez, Sergeant: the leader of the group of General Kalzaro's rebels who have imprisoned Willie. [MB]

Amarin Hotel: the hotel where Willie went to meet Modesty and received his first Network assignment. [DMH]

Ambato: the ship used by Bellman when Modesty and Willie are being hunted by Charlie Brightstar, Van Rutte and Paul Crichton on an island off the coast of Scotland. [BM]

Amboines: the name of a fringe political organization used by Mountjoy when claiming responsibility for a kidnapping in Holland. [GBB]

Andronicus: the cargo ship used by Gabriel in the theft of the diamonds being shipped to Sheik Abu-Tahir on board The Tyboria. The diving saucer Giolitti is launched from the hold of the Andronicus. [MB]

Angel ('Angelica'): a member of Colonel Jim Straik's organization who strangles her victims with piano wire. When Straik decides that his wife Lucy is expendable, Angel kills her. Moments later, Angel is killed by Sexton. Angel was brought into Straik's organization by Clare McTurk, who ran the New Orleans brothel where Angel worked. [SM]

Anita: one of Willie's girls, an American working on an archeological dig near Ankara. An earthquake struck one night while they were in bed, causing the ceiling to collapse. Willie received a gash in his thigh from a nail sticking out of a joist that pinned him down on the bed. [DC]

Annie ('Annie The Bang'): Willie's first girl, the daughter of the caretaker of his orphanage. Willie won 15 minutes in the boiler room with Annie by rigging a game of conkers with Dicer, the boss man. [IV]

Answer To Prayer ('A.T.P.'): a section of Thaddeus Pilgrim's Hostel Of Righteousness which insures that the requested prayers of generous applicants are answered - through their intervention. The applicants are then expected to make suitable donations to the society. [DMH]

appendectomy: while hiding in a cave during their escape from Bonaccord, Modesty performs an appendectomy on Lisa Brunel, under the direction of Dr. Giles Pennyfeather, who has had his wrist broken by Ozymandias. The operation is a success. [IV]

Aquilina, Dr.: a doctor employed by The Network at its Tangier office. [NM]

Aranda, Consuela: a former operative in The Network, Consuela had worked as a courier between Europe and North Africa for the industrial espionage section. She was also used for smuggling diamonds. Consuela had been captured by Rodelle, who intended to sell her into slavery, but she was rescued by Modesty and Willie. She left The Network when she married Etienne. Modesty paid for the wedding and reception. Modesty and Willie are guests of Consuela and her husband in St. Jean de Luz in southern France when Modesty receives word of a cable from Dr. Giles Pennyfeather, arranging a meeting at the Hotel Ayachi near El Jadida. [XT]

Aranda, Etienne: Consuela Aranda's husband, and a keen pelota player. [XT]

Armand: the name that Steve Collier uses to refer to Weng, while the pair are pretending to beat up Willie for the benefit of Bernie Chan, who fears that it will soon be his turn. [NM]

Armitage: the false name given by Simon Delicata when he encounters Sir Gerald Tarrant, Modesty and Steve Collier outside Dr. Aaronson's house. He claims to be from the British Museum. [TFD]

Arnold, Old: the blacksmith at Benildon who looks after Modesty's horses. [DC]

Aruga: a member of The Dark Angels. Aruga is struck in the arm by a knife thrown by Willie in the fight in the parking garage resulting from the group's attempt on the life of Howard A. Keyes. [DA]

Ashlea: Modesty's rambling cottage located on several acres of land two miles outside the village of Benildon in Wiltshire. [DC]

Ashton, Herb: the false name given by one of Szabo's men. Posing as a CIA agent, he abducts Modesty and takes her to the Old Hickory. Ashton's real first name is Nico. His last name is either Forster or Blik. [NM]

Asmodeus[1]: in Jewish legend, the king of demons. Asmodeus is the name Lucifer uses to refer to Seff. [IL] Lucifer later uses the name to refer to Dr. Benson. [LDL]

Asmodeus[2]: a member of The Dark Angels. Asmodeus is killed by Modesty in the fight in the parking garage resulting from the group's attempt on the life of Howard A. Keyes. [DA]

Azhari, Prince Rahim Mohajeri: a Saudi princeling educated in England, and a jet-set playboy with a palace, nicknamed “Xanadu,” in the High Atlas mountains in Morocco. Modesty had considered him as a target in the days before Willie joined her in The Network, but had decided against getting involved in what may have turned into a shooting match. The Prince buys Tracy June Martel for his harem, and hires Dr. Giles Pennyfeather to serve as medical doctor at Xanadu. [XT]

Babur: a member of Gabriel's criminal organization. [MB]

Bailey, Mrs.: the woman in charge of the dart stall at a church fÍte in Benildon attended by Modesty and Willie, accompanied by Danny Chavasse and Sir Gerald Tarrant. Willie pays Mrs. Bailey £20 to cover the damage to four prizes he accidentally breaks with badly-thrown darts. [DA]

Baillie-Smythe, Edmund St. Clair: the captain of Kythiria, and one of only five men who know the identity of El Mico. Baillie-Smythe reports to Dominic Silk, Jeremy Silk and Nannie Pendergast that Louis Gautier (AKA Bernard Martel) removed The Object from the ship. Fearing that the captain may begin searching for The Object on his own, Pendergast orders Lttle Krell to kill Baillie-Smythe. [XT]

Baillot, Jules: one of the senior curators at the Louvre. He disappeared while driving from Rouen to Paris when he was kidnapped and taken to Dragon's Claw to view Sam Solon's collection of stolen art treasures. [DC]

bait-at-ta'ah: a room of correction. Modesty and Willie are kept in a bait-at-ta'ah at Xanadu. [XT]

Baker, Detective Sergeant: the local police officer who accompanies Inspector Harry Lomax when he arrests Skendi near Modesty's cottage. [OA]

Baker, Madge: an acquaintance of Modesty who devotes her infinite energy to various worthy causes, and to men. She persuades Modesty to work as a flag-seller for Mental Health. Willie once spent a month in Greece with her. Like Modesty, he finds her hard to refuse. [SGC] Willie tells Modesty that Madge has found Mr. Right at last, for the ninth time in four years. [LDL]

balloon: Modesty and Willie use Lucy Fuller-Jones's hot air balloon to land on the roof of Poldeacon when they attempt to rescue Tor Hallenberg from Mountjoy. [GBB]

Banque Populaire de Malaurak: a legitimate business owned and operated by The Network in Tangier. The offices of the organization were located on the top floor of the building housing the bank. [NM]

Barbi, Professor Giulio: Modesty's exasperated fencing instructor. [TFD]

Barboza: one of the guards at Dragon's Claw, a deserter form the Cuban forces in Angola. Barboza is executed by Reverend Uriah Crisp for allowing Luke Fletcher to escape. [DC]

Barnes: a Member of Parliament on Seff's death list. Barnes died when he slipped on some steps and cracked his skull. [IL]

Barton Circus School: the school in Surrey where Willie has enrolled Molly Chen. [DMH]

Basilio: a member of Gabriel's criminal organization. After Basilio falls down a companionway and breaks his leg, Gabriel decides that Willie will take his place and cut the hole in the hull of The Tyboria and remove the diamonds. [MB]

Basque Liberation Group: the name of a fringe political organization used by Mountjoy when claiming responsibility for a kidnapping in Spain two months earlier. [GBB]

Bauer: Modesty's branch manager in Germany in the days of The Network. [ST]

Baystrike, Operation: the code name for a plan by The Watchman to destroy the Golden Gate Bridge with an explosive charge attached to one of the suspension cables, set off by a radio transmitter on the Old Hickory. Modesty defeats the plan when she throws the radio transmitter overboard, then jumps into the sea herself with Ben Christie. [NM]

Bearstead Holdings: Sir Angus McBeal advises Modesty to make a substantial purchase of Bearstead Holdings, due to an agreed takeover which will cause the shares to double in value. Weng is very interested to hear this bit of information. [OA]

Beckworth, John: a member of the boards of directors of eight companies, and also a member of the organization that also includes Brigadier George Sumner, Timmins and Harriet Welling. The group uses The Dark Angels to kill selected foreign investors as a means of obtaining their goal of keeping British industry British-owned. [DA]

Belial[1]: one of the dolphins trained by Garcia to pick up the buoys containing the ransom from Seff's victims. [IL]

Belial[2]: a member of The Dark Angels. Belial is knocked unconscious by Modesty in the fight in the parking garage resulting from the group's attempt on the life of Howard A. Keyes. [DA]

“Bellman”: a short story published in Cobra Trap, abbreviated BM. Modesty and Willie become the targets of three killers hired by Bellman, who is seeking revenge on the pair for putting him out of business in the days of The Network. Note: the events in this story take place sometime after Modesty Blaise.

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