Bellman – Boulter

Bellman: a drug dealer who specialized in getting young kids hooked on drugs. Modesty felt he was responsible for the death of Lisette, and broke up his operation twice in the days of The Network: once in Tangier, and once in Port Said. She puts him out of business for the third time in Lima, where - with Willie's assistance - she frames him for involvement in subversive activities. Bellman is jailed as a result, but gets out after five years when the government collapses. He tries to get revenge by kidnapping Modesty and Willie and having them hunted to their deaths by Charlie Brightstar, Van Rutte and Paul Crichton. Bellman dies with a smile on his face when he hears the sound of gunshots and mistakenly believes that Modesty and Willie are dead. [BM]

Benildon: a village in Wiltshire. Ashlea is located two miles outside Benildon.

Benita, Miss ('Tia Benita', 'Aunt Benita'): Paxero's aunt, and the woman who raised him following the death of his parents. Paxero maintains the coffee plantation Limbo, which is worked by slaves, for her amusement. When the ailing Miss Benita dies, Dr. Kim Crozier signals the news to the rest of the slaves, so that they can begin their escape attempt under Modesty's guidance. [LDL]

Benson, Dr.: the doctor hired by John Dall to look after Lucifer in New York. [LDL]

Berenson: Luke Fletcher's agent. [DC]

Berlin Control: the unnamed operative in charge of Sir Gerald Tarrant's operation in West Berlin. [GW]

Bernard, Mother: a nun from the convent school in Tangier where Lucille Brouet is a student. [ST]

Bernard: a servant at Sir Howard Presteign's villa which is located between Cannes and St. Raphael. [TFD]

Berry: one of the slaves being held at Limbo. Berry is an American and the apparent leader of the plantation's church group. [LDL]

Beryl: Dr. Kim Crozier's fiancée, a nurse. She meets Willie at the airport in San Francisco and fills him on Modesty's role in defeating Operation Baystrike as she drives him to the hospital. [NM]

beryllium: to dissuade people from asking too many questions, Steve Collier often claims to be a metallurgist, rather than a researcher into psychic phenomenon. Willie uncovers the lie when he comments that beryllium is half the weight of steel, and easier to rivet. Collier agrees, unaware that beryllium is too brittle for riveting. [IL]

“A Better Day to Die”: a short story published in Pieces Of Modesty, abbreviated BDD. The bus Modesty is riding from Orsita to San Tremino is hijacked by some of El Mico's men. Her fellow passengers include the Reverend Leonard Jimson and a group of orphaned school girls.

bicycle spoke: Clarissa de Courtney-Scott's favored weapon is a sharpened bicycle spoke with a wooden handle, which she uses to stab her victims. She uses the device to kill Weber's unnamed bodyguard, and later to threaten Modesty when she and Beauregard Browne meet Modesty and Willie to discuss the theft of the Jade Queen. Clarissa uses the bicycle spoke to kill the guards on Dragon's Claw when Modesty and Willie begin their escape from the island. She is about to use the weapon on Willie when Dr. Feng shoots her in the back. [DC]

Big Jasper: the emergency code name Modesty uses to refer to Willie when she contacts Weng by radio from Kalivari. [DMH]

Biggs: a servant of Major the Earl St. Maur. [NM]

Bigorre: one of René Vaubois's men. Bigorre was a double agent caught working for the OAS. [ST]

Bird, Simon: a member of Mountjoy's organization. He uses a pair of bolt-cutters to remove two of Johnny Nash's fingers. Bird is identified by 'Orace from the scent on the white cotton glove found with Nash's body. An incredibly quick draw, Bird is shot by Modesty following the rescue of Tor Hallenberg. [GBB]

Birot, Inspector Hassan: a police official in Tangier who has known Modesty since the days of The Network. He had respect for the way her organization reduced the amount of “dirty crimes, “ even though she herself was engaged in “fairly clean crime.” [BM] He comes to her house to question her about her guest Bernard Martel. He is about to question Martel himself when El Mico appears and kills the man, using a flame-thrower. [XT]

Bissau: one of the slaves being held at Limbo, the owner of a chain of garages in France. [LDL]

Black Horse, The: the pub in Waverly Street where Steve Collier is beaten by Pike when he goes inside to ask for directions. [OA]

blackjack: Willie knocks Skendi unconscious with a thrown blackjack which strikes him in the back of the skull. [OA]

Blaise, Modesty: the former leader of an international criminal organization known as The Network. A stateless person, nothing is known of Modesty Blaise prior to her appearance as a young child in a Middle Eastern D.P. camp in 1945. She herself has memories of being in a prison camp in Greece soon after the war started, and of being on the run in the Balkans before that. When the war ended, she walked through Turkey into Iraq (with no shoes), where she met Lob, an elderly Jewish professor of philosophy from Budapest, in a refugee camp. She spent the next five years with Lob, until she was approximately 12 years of age, in and out of half a dozen refugee camps as they roamed the Middle East and North Africa. She protected and fed him, and in return spent six hours per day as his pupil. He gave her the name “Modesty.” She chose the surname “Blaise” after Lob told her the legend of Arthur, King of Britain and his magician Merlin, whose tutor had been called Blaise. At the age of 12, she was raped in Syria by a Bedouin outcast, a man she later killed with a long nail wired to a short piece of wood. A year or two later, she was raped in Morocco by Mahjoub, and sent him to the same fate. Following Lob's death, she buried him in the desert. Three years later she was caught by a flesh gang in Port Said to be broken in for a brothel, but escaped after two days. During her childhood wanderings, Modesty spent almost a year with the tribe of Abu-Tahir, working as a goat-herd. At the approximate age of 17, she worked in a small gaming establishment in Tangier controlled by the Louche group. She also worked a part of each day as an assistant in a barber shop attached to a high-class brothel, where she picked up much valuable gossip. Following the death of Henri Louche, Modesty took over control of his small criminal organization. Within a year, under the name “The Network,” its operations had expanded on an international scale. At the age of 20, Modesty saw Willie Garvin fighting in a Thai-style contest in Saigon. She bought him out of jail a week later, and eventually made him her partner in running The Network. Her childhood experiences had left her an emotional cripple, scared of the idea of contact with men. She relied on the special talents of Danny Chavasse to overcome that problem. In 1962, Modesty married and subsequently divorced a derelict Englishman in Beirut to gain British nationality. At the age of 26, after controlling The Network for almost eight years, and having amassed a personal fortune in excess of £500,000, she broke up the organization and retired to a penthouse in London overlooking Hyde Park. She also maintains Pendragon, a villa in Tangier and a cottage, Ashlea, two miles from the village of Benildon in Wiltshire. She shares with Willie a flat in Paris, a villa in Malta, a studio apartment in Sausalito, and pied-à-terres in Italy, Austria, Spain and other places. One of her hobbies is gem-cutting, to which she was introduced by Ben Christie. She practices it in the lapidary workshop located in the penthouse. She occasionally tries her hand at painting. She has no talent for art, but finds the constant striving and constant failure oddly therapeutic. She also bakes bread, finding a sort of earth magic about the process, which helps cleanse her soul. When she's in London, she works out two afternoons a week at a dance studio, finding it an excellent way to maintain balance, timing and general fitness. She likes to revert to her childhood ways periodically by going on an Aboriginal style walk-about. One of her favorite weapons is the kongo; otherwise she prefers handguns to the more primitive weapons favored by Willie. She possesses the ability, in combat, to run backwards as fast as her opponent can run at her, providing there is sufficient room. She remains on the offensive while doing this, making it difficult for her enemy to make contact. She is a licensed pilot, a good sailor and an excellent navigator. She has an inexplicable gift of orientation, allowing her to accurately determine both her location and the local time even if blindfolded. Fleunt in six languages, and close to fluent in four others, some of the languages she speaks include English, French, Arabic and Greek. She is learning Cantonese, which she practises with Weng. A year or two before disbanding The Network, Modesty and Willie began making trips to East Berlin, disguised as Osslund and Sven Jorgensen respectively, to see what went on behind the Iron Curtain and establish credible identities there. Since retiring, they have continued these excursions. At the approximate age of 52, Modesty learns that she is dying of an inoperable growth in her brain. Shortly thereafter, she dies of a gunshot wound while she and Willie are attempting to hold off the Cobras who are advancing on the train carrying members of the government of Montelero, along with Steve Collier and his wife Dinah, to safety in neighbouring Panama.

Blakeson: a specialist in international law who used to act for Modesty and Willie in the days of The Network. Willie pretends to burgle some jewelry from Blakeson's safe, and then shoves Sir Gerald Tarrant into Blakeson's closet with the loot in his pocket when Blakeson comes home unexpectedly. The practical joke is intended to provide a story which will lighten Maude Tiller's mood. [LDL]

Blenkinsop: the name Modesty uses to refer to Danny Chavasse during her first meeting with Howard A. Keyes. Chavasse has told Keyes that he is Modesty's butler, and that he stayed in the car on her orders, rather than interfere in her altercation with Adrian and Tarquin. [DA]

Blik: one of four members of The Watchmen who were seen by Modesty during Operation Baystrike and could be identified by her. The other three were Forster, Szabo and Hugh Oberon. Blik posed as one of the two CIA agents - Jake Perry and Herb Ashton - who abducted Modesty and took her to the Old Hickory. [NM]

blowpipe: Modesty kills Szabo with a blowpipe as she and Willie begin their escape from the sick bay of the Drioga Corporation's drillship. Willie fashions the blowpipe from a towel rail consisting of a four foot length of black plastic. He makes a dart from the plunger of a hypodermic needle, with vanes made of plastic and a point made from a sharpened piece of wire taken from the guard of an electric fan. [NM]

Blue Boy: the code name used by Hugh Oberon when reporting the death of Hugo Gezelle. [NM]

Bo-beep: the code name Willie uses on the radio when he calls in Sir Gerald Tarrant's men during the rescue of Tor Hallenberg from Poldeacon. [GBB]

bolt-cutters: Simon Bird uses a pair of bolt-cutters to remove two of Johnny Nash's fingers when the agent is tortured prior to his death. [GBB]

Bonaccord: Brunel's estate in Rwanda, near the border with Tanzania. Unbeknownst to Brunel, the gold deposit discovered by Mischa Novikov is in a valley located within the estate. [IV]

Bonsu: a member of one of Thaddeus Pilgrim's Answer To Prayer teams, from Guinea. Bonsu is shot in the battle on Kalivari which destroys Pilgrim's operation. [DMH]

Boothroyd: a man from Sir Gerald Tarrant's department. Boothroyd operates the projector at Es-Sabah Solon's lecture, allowing Tarrant to watch the proceedings from the projection booth. [ST]

Bor Museum: a small private museum in Amsterdam which houses the collection of Oriental furniture assembled by Hendrik Bor in the nineteenth century. Reverend Uriah Crisp, Beauregard Brown and Clarissa de Courtney-Scott steal a 500 year-old red-lacquer chair made in the Hsuan-Te period of the Ming dynasty from the Bor Museum for Sam Solon's collection on Dragon's Claw. [DC]

Bora: a criminal who dealt in drugs all over the Mediterranean and sold girls to wealthy customers in the Middle East. Modesty decided to put Bora out of business before she retired as a personal matter. Following the successful destruction of his operation, Modesty had Bora shipped to the Sheikdom of Malaurak, where he faced a lifetime of slavery. [NM]

Bordj Kerim ('Fort Kerim'): an abandoned fort in the Sahara where Willie had served for two months under Colonel Jodelle while he was in the Foreign Legion. Modesty and Willie come across Bordj Kerim after they escape from Mus. Simon Delicata finds them there, but Willie is able to kill him. The Garamantes treasure recovered from Mus is buried near the fort by Willie. [TFD]

Borg: a Nordic member of Gabriel's criminal organization who specializes in killing his victims by garroting them with piano wire. [MB]

Boscombe, Julie: one of the slaves being held at Limbo. Danny Chavasse was on Paxero's yacht as Julie's “boyfriend” when they were kidnapped and taken to Limbo. Julie passes her spare time at the plantation by making mosaics of river gravel set in mud. [LDL] Julie was the daughter of a micro-chip tycoon. [DA]

Bouchier, Lucienne: the alias used by Modesty in the days of The Network while attempting to extract information about counter measures against diamond smuggling from Paul Hagan, then an employee of International Diamond Security. [MB] Modesty uses the Bouchier alias to avoid publicity while sailing The Wasp from Brisbane to Wellington. [DC]

Boulter: a colleague of Sir Gerald Tarrant in the Military Intelligence section of the Foreign Office. [MB] When Boulter refuses to provide Tarrant with information about Seff's protection racket, Jack Fraser breaks into Boulter's offices and makes copies of the necessary documents. [IL] Following the escape from Xanadu, Modesty has the Pahlavi Crown delivered anonymously to Boulter, knowing that it will cause him a great deal of embarrassment. [XT]

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