Gaston Bourget – Cawley Fields

Bourget, Gaston: one of three men who tries - and fails - to eliminate Quinn as a potential witness to the abduction of Sir Gerald Tarrant. Following his humiliation by Modesty, Bourget, along with Jacques Garat and Servalle, is killed by Sexton. [SM]

bow and arrow: made by Willie and carried by him in a piece of foam rubber attached to his back, the weapon is contained in two eight-inch lengths of stainless steel tubing. One tube telescopes to form the bow, which is fashioned from finely machined tapering tubes of jointed steel; it is strung with a piece of gut that lays piped in the hem of Modesty's sweater. The arrow is made up of four thin steel rods carried in the second tube; they are screwed together, with plastic flights that are carried in Modesty's soft leather belt. Modesty uses the weapon to kill one of Gabriel's men when she and Willie begin their escape from Kalithos. [MB] Modesty uses a more conventional bow and arrow to kill the man guarding Skeet Lowry's plane outside Mus. Willie makes the bow from a piece of thala wood left by the Arabs who first came to the city. The arrows are made from shafts of smooth bamboo stolen from the wicker baskets used to haul rubble out of holes and trenches. [TFD] Modesty kills a number of members of The Watchmen onboard the Drioga Corporation's drillship, including Siegfried von Krankin, with a bow and arrows belonging to Major the Earl St. Maur. [NM]

Bowker, Dr.: a member of Seff's group in charge of Lucifer's well-being. Bowker is killed by Seff as he and Regina plan their escape from the house in the Philippines when Modesty and Willie return to rescue Steve Collier and Lucifer. [IL]

Boyd: a British civil servant who works with Jack Fraser. [MB, IL]

Brad, Mr.: an overseer at Limbo. He is killed by Willie with a thrown knife. [LDL]

brainwashing: the art experts that are kidnapped and taken to Dragon's Claw are brainwashed by Dr. Feng so that they will remember nothing of their ordeal following their release. [DC] Willie is brainwashed by Dr. Tyl into believing that Modesty has been killed by a woman named Delilah. His mental image of Modesty has been replaced by that of Lady Janet Gillam, while he thinks Modesty herself is actually Delilah. The intent of the brainwashing is to make Willie kill Modesty on sight. [DMH]

Brandy: Veronica the Countess St. Maur's horse. [NM]

Braun, Hans: a German operative of The Network in charge of communications, technical equipment and small arms. [NM]

Breguet watch: Abraham-Louis Breguet (1747 - 1823) was the leading French horologist, or watch-maker, of his time. Modesty presented Danny Chavasse with an antique Breguet watch bearing the inscription "To Danny from Modesty" following their time together on Lanzarote. [DA] When Danny is kidnapped and taken to Limbo, Damion keeps the watch for himself. Modesty later discovers the watch in Paxero's Swiss villa. The watch, along with some help from Lucifer and Dinah Collier, eventually leads her to Limbo. [LDL]

Brenda: one of Willie's girls, a 28 year-old hymenopterist, or wasp expert. She spent hours lecturing Willie on the subject of wasps after he was stung while they were making love in the garden. He never went back. [IV]

Brett: an English commander in Karz's mercenary army. [ST]

bridge: Modesty and Weng play bridge with Steve and Dinah Collier while waiting for Willie to return from helping Bernie Chan "escape" from his captors. Weng plays bridge three afternoons a week at one of the top London clubs and makes £7,000 a year tax-free as a result. [NM]

Bridget[1]: Charles Leybourn's plain, plump Irish maid. She provides Willie with a great deal of information when he reconnoiters the house disguised as an inspector from the Electricity Board. [SGC]

Bridget[2]: one of the slaves being held at Limbo. [LDL]

Brightstar, Charlie: a Chocktaw Indian and the "best hunter in the States." Brightstar is one of the men hired by Bellman to kill Modesty and Willie. Brightstar is knocked out by Modesty in combat on the island off the coast of Scotland. [BM]

Brissot, Dr. Georges: a part of Willie's disguise as Monsieur Ransome is a peaked and angular nose, caused by some wax injected under the skin by Dr. Georges Brissot. [ST]

British Chemicals Ltd.: the largest corporation of its kind outside the United States, and the target of a hostile takeover bid from a European consortium. Kaltchas is killed by The Dark Angels while on his way to a meeting in Brussels where he planned to lend his backing to the consortium's bid. [DA]

Brook, Inspector: an inspector with Scotland Yard. Brook provides Sir Gerald Tarrant with information about the Jade Queen theft. [DC] Modesty and Willie had saved Brook, a widower, and his daughter from a revenge killing two years ago. Brook visits Modesty at her penthouse to inform her of the murder of Molly Chen. [DMH] After Steve Collier's  beating at The Black Horse, Brook provides Modesty with information about Pike and his possible connection to Salamander Four. [OA]

Brouet, Lucille: an orphaned child found by Willie outside Algiers in the days of The Network, following a traffic accident that killed her family. After a stay in hospital, she was enrolled in a convent school in Tangier. While visiting Modesty's penthouse in London, Lucille steals Sir Gerald Tarrant's wallet. Lucille is kidnapped by Karz in order to force Modesty and Willie to join his mercenary army. Following the destruction of Operation Sabre-Tooth, Lucille is taken to the United States by John Dall, where she is adopted. [ST]

Browne, Beauregard: one of the members of Sam Solon's organization that steals art treasures for his museum on Dragon's Claw, and kidnaps art experts to show off the collection. A master of disguise and mimicry, Browne is a childhood friend and criminal partner of Clarissa de Courtney-Scott. Browne kills his victims using the Handkerchief Trick, a modified form of the rumal used by the Thugs of India for their ritual killing. Browne is killed by one of Willie's knives as he and Solon investigate the apparently deserted boat that Modesty and Willie used to escape from Dragon's Claw. [DC]

Bruce: one of Dave Goss's bodyguards. [DMH]

Brunel, Lisa: the adopted albino daughter of Brunel, who controls her with messages broadcast to a miniature radio receiver located in one of her back teeth. Using the name Christina, she begins an intimate relationship with Willie, and later lures him, along with Modesty and Dr. Giles Pennyfeather, into a trap by hinting that Brunel has located Mischa Novikov's widow Ilona. Lisa kills Brunel when Adrian Chance begins using the radio receiver for his own purposes. Later, she marries Pennyfeather and accompanies him as his nurse when he becomes a volunteer for the Red Cross in Peru. [IV] Lisa eventually divorced Pennyfeather and married an American engineer she met in Turkey. [XT]

Brunel: a criminal, Brunel has Mischa Novikov tortured to reveal the coordinates of the gold deposit, without realizing that it is located within the bounds of his estate Bonaccord in Rwanda. Brunel is killed by his adopted daughter Lisa, acting on commands from Adrian Chance, who has learned about the radio transmitter used by Brunel to control the girl. [IV]

Brunig: a soldier in Karz's mercenary army. Brunig serves in the section commanded by Modesty. Although initially hostile towards her, Brunig quickly comes to respect Modesty, and enjoys serving under her. [ST]

Bubble: one of the dolphins that follow Modesty in The Wasp. [DC]

Büchner: the name of a German gang hired by Jack Wish to kill Werner. [IL]

buoy: Seff collects the ransom he charges his victims by having them place it in a buoy-shaped plastic container that had been deposited some time earlier in a local warehouse. The buoy is then dropped at a pre-determined spot in the ocean. When released, the buoy sinks to a depth of 30 fathoms. A homing transmitter, operated by water pressure, broadcasts a signal on reducing intensity for two hours. This signal is detected by Pluto and Belial, the two dolphins trained by Garcia, who tow the buoy with a harness that joins them. If the buoy has been tampered with, the dolphins have been trained to leave it where they find it. [IL]

Burrera, Captain Ricco: the captain of the Ambato. Burrera is concerned that he might be held partly responsible for whatever Bellman has in store for Modesty and Willie. [BM]

Caldwell, Mr.: one of Clarissa de Courtney-Scott's teachers. He made Clarissa milk monitor so he could "have it off" with her over the desk after school. Beauregard Browne used his knowledge of Caldwell's actions to blackmail the teacher £5 per week. [DC]

Calvanti: a fence in Rome. Willie plans to sell him three of Modesty's sculptured rubies to help promote rumors that she is desperate for money and therefore a likely candidate for employment in Karz's mercenary army. [ST]

Camacho: one of Brunel's five overseers at Bonaccord. Camacho was wanted for rape. He is killed by Willie with a knife during the fight to escape from the estate. [IV]

Canalejas: a Spanish member of Gabriel's criminal organization He is the guard assigned to watch Modesty and Willie when they are locked up in the monastery on Kalithos. Canalejas is killed by Modesty when she escapes. [MB]

Candella, Captain Javier: the area chief of police in the Lima Department, where Bellman lived. When he arrived at Bellman's house and discovered documents - planted by Modesty and Willie - which implicated Bellman in subversive activities, Candella called Colonel Turina. [BM]

cannon: Okubo is fired over the Berlin Wall using a circus cannon that operates on compressed air. Posing as a Russian, Willie purchases the cannon from a farmer who has three barns full of circus and fairground equipment that had been abandoned when the circus owner ran off with all the money. Willie was familiar with the operation of such a cannon because one of his jobs while working for a circus in his early twenties was to check and test the equipment used in the Human Cannonball act. Okubo lands in West Berlin in a net rigged by Joe Abrahams's film crew. [GW]

Caramba, Pancho: the stage name used by Willie when he performs as "the Word Famous Thrower of Knives" in Gogol's Circus as a special treat for Consuela Aranda. [XT]

Carlos: a member of Gabriel's criminal organization. [MB]

Carol: one of Willie's girls, the 23 year-old daughter of a gentleman farmer. She gets out of bed and leaves Willie when he describes her over the phone to Modesty as "nobody important." [MB]

Carter group: a group of contract killers hired by the organization consisting of Harriet Welling, Brigadier George Sumner, Timmins and John Beckworth to kill Howard A. Keyes. The Carter group withdraws its tender for the job when they realize that Modesty and Willie are acting as Keyes's bodyguards. [DA]

Carter, Mrs.: a member of Thaddeus Pilgrim's Hostel Of Righteousness. She develops the film found in the case carried by Papadakis. [DMH]

Carter: an English soldier in Karz's mercenary army. Sir Gerald Tarrant learns much of what happened to Karz's operation when Carter is deported to England and interrogated. [ST]

Cartwright: a disliked member of Rand's Club who is defeated by Willie and Sir Gerald Tarrant in a game of snooker. [IL]

Casanova, Paul: the head of the Union Corse. He grants Modesty's request for a meeting with Georges Martel to pass along details about what she knows of Bernard Martel's last wish. When Georges Martel is kidnapped by Jeremy Silk and Dominic Silk following the meeting, Casanova assumes Modesty is at fault and orders Willie's death. Casanova realizes his error when Georges Martel's body is recovered and he recognizes the fact that Modesty could not be responsible for such an action. [XT]

Casey, Tom: Ben Christie's field director in the CIA. [NM]

Casey: Simon Delicata's driver when he comes to Modesty's cottage to kidnap Dinah Pilgrim. [TFD]

Caspar: a flamboyant playboy on the Mediterranean playgrounds of the rich. Caspar is in fact working for McReedy. Caspar stages elaborate parties, which are then held up by McReedy and his men. As he became frightened of McReedy, Caspar hired a pair of thugs to beat him up, but they were interrupted by Steve Collier, and later, by Modesty and Willie. When Modesty boards the Delphine to recover the loot, Caspar realizes that cooperating with her is his best option. [PN]

Castelbane: one of René Vaubois's men. Castelbane was a double agent caught working for the OAS. [ST]

Cavalli, Maria: an artist who first began painting at age 40, and was recognized internationally as a painter of astonishing virtuosity within five years. Cavalli disappeared from her studio when she was kidnapped and taken to Dragon's Claw to view Sam Solon's collection of stolen art treasures. [DC]

caving: Modesty and Willie have done a little caving, but care little for it. It was Quinn's hobby for four years, a fact he uses to persuade the pair to take him along on their mission to rescue Sir Gerald Tarrant from Chateau Lancieux. He tells them of his experiences in the Lancieux Cave, a passage of which leads to the Chateau. [SM]

Cawley Fields: an abandoned wartime airfield near Penchurch. Dick Kingston is taken to Cawley Fields, where he is executed by Reverend Uriah Crisp. [DC]

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