Chaldier – John Cranwell

Chaldier: an Algerian member of Pacco's criminal organization, joining after the days of The Network. Chaldier attempts to follow Willie when he leaves Nicole's apartment, but receives an unpleasant surprise. [MB].

Chalmers: a member of MI6 who passed news of Dick Kingston's death along to Jack Fraser. [DC]

Chan, Bernie: a wealthy jeweller in London who runs a large operation fencing stolen jewels. He is also a middleman who arranges things for a price. Chan sets up the contract on Sir Gerald Tarrant with the Polish twins on behalf of Hugh Oberon. Chan is kidnapped by Modesty and Willie, with the assistance of Steve Collier. Fooled into thinking that both he and Willie are prisoners of the same captor, Chan tells Willie the phone number that Oberon called to approve the contract. When Willie helps him “escape,” he gives Willie the two bags of gold krugerrands he received from Oberon to show his gratitude. [NM]

Chance, Adrian: along with Jacko Muktar, one of Brunel's lieutenants, bodyguards and occasional executioners. Chance helped torture Novikov, and later comes after Dr. Giles Pennyfeather to see if Novikov told him the coordinates of the gold deposit. Chance is killed by Modesty with a kongo as she, Willie, Giles and Lisa Brunel escape from Brunel's estate. [IV]

Chang, Li: the head of Thaddeus Pilgrim's security staff on Kalivari. [DMH]

Chapel Of Ease: the brothel on Kalivari. [DMH]

Chard, Senator: one of the slaves being held at Limbo. [LDL] Chard was a banker. [NM]

Charif: a mob in Cappadocia broken by Willie in the days of The Network. [DC]

Charles: one of the men who comes with Tabby to deliver Modesty and Willie to Poldeacon. [GBB]

Charlie[1]: a bartender at The Treadmill. [IHD]

Charlie[2]: one of Sam Solon's men who take Luke Fletcher off The Wasp for the flight to Australia. He attempts to do the same with Modesty, and quickly finds himself thrown overboard. [DC]

Charlie[3]: the attendant at the pool at Modesty's penthouse. [OA]

charm bracelet: following his rescue from Chateau Lancieux, Sir Gerald Tarrant presents Modesty with a bracelet containing a single gold charm in the shape of a can of grease. [SM]

Charnely, Mike: the Captain of the hijacked plane on which Quinn was the Second Officer. Three passengers were killed when Quinn attempted to intervene in the hijacking. [SM]

Chateau Lancieux: a small castle standing among the foothills of the Pyrenees, used by Colonel Jim Straik as his headquarters after he relocates from the United States to France. Sir Gerald Tarrant is held captive at the Chateau, as are Modesty, Willie, Quinn and Lady Janet Gillam. The Chateau lies three kilometers from the nearest village. [SM]

Chater: an Australian guard at Dragon's Claw. [DC]

Chavasse, Danny: a former operative in The Network who used his considerable charms to seduce women to obtain information for the benefit of the organization. His final assignment had been to seduce Modesty herself, to help her overcome the emotional problems she had in dealing with men as a result of her childhood. In gratitude, she presented him with an antique Breguet watch bearing the inscription “To Danny from Modesty.” [DA] Recovery of the watch from Paxero's Swiss villa eventually leads Modesty to Limbo, where Danny has been enslaved. He helps convince the other slaves of Modesty's abilities, and leads the fight against their captors. [LDL] Danny introduced Willie to Sam Solon when Willie was sizing Solon up as a potential Network target. [DC] Danny is visiting Modesty when Willie is kidnapped by Sybil Pray and Kazim. He accompanies Maude Tiller to Athens when Modesty disappears there while searching for Willie, and is able to use his special talents to learn from Helen Kaltchas the whereabouts of her brother George Petrakis and their father Nikos Petrakis. [DMH] Danny provided Modesty with information about Bellman's house in Peru, which he had obtained from Bellman's maid. [BM]

Chen, Molly: the granddaughter of Wei Lu. Molly first met Willie when he came to Honk Kong to collect some bearer stocks from Wei Lu in payment for services rendered. It was Willie's first assignment for The Network. Molly takes Willie to Kui-tan in China when he goes to rescue Wei Lu, who has been taken captive by the Chinese. Years later, Willie gets Molly a job with Gogol's Wonder Circus following the death of both her grandfather and later her husband. Molly is vacationing with Willie on Malta when she becomes the target of an assassination attempt launched by Thaddeus Pilgrim's organization, fearful that Molly knows something of her late husband's involvement in the Hosanna Scenario. Willie is able to prevent her death, but she is later killed by Sybil Pray and Kazim. [DMH]

chess: Modesty plays chess with Thamar while in Karz's military camp, but is unable to defeat him. [ST] In order to keep their minds occupied, Modesty and Willie sometimes play a mental game of chess, where both players visualize the board and all the pieces. [IL] Modesty plays a mental end-game with Sir Gerald Tarrant while the pair are held captive together by Colonel Jim Straik at the Chateau Lancieux. [SM] Modesty and Willie play three simultaneous games while waiting to begin their theft of the Jade Queen. [DC]

Cheyne Walk: the location of Luke Fletcher's studio. [DC]

Chilton, Tracy June: an English woman who married Bernard Martel. During their honeymoon in Morocco, she was abducted and eventually sold to the harem at Xanadu. She is rescued from Xanadu by Modesty, Willie, Dr. Giles Pennyfeather and Little Krell, but soon makes it clear that she would prefer to be back where she was. [XT]

Christie, Ben: an American CIA agent whose mother was Lebanese, Christie's identity was uncovered while he was attempting to infiltrate Bora's organization. His unconscious body was found on board the Isparta when the ship was boarded during Modesty's operation to put Bora out of business. A rock hound, he introduced Modesty to her lapidary hobby. Each year, he sends Modesty a polished stone on the anniversary of his rescue as a way of saying thank you for another year of life. Modesty encounters Christie in a San Francisco restaurant when he's trying to penetrate The Watchmen prior to Operation Baystrike and unwittingly blows his cover. Modesty is later picked up by two members of The Watchmen impersonating CIA agents and taken on board the Old Hickory, where an injured Ben Christie is being held prisoner. After preventing the destruction of the Golden Gate Bridge, Modesty dives overboard with Christie and manages to get to shore with him hours later, but he is pronounced dead on arrival at hospital. [NM]

Christina: the alias used by Lisa Brunel during her brief relationship with Willie, when she gives him false information about Ilona Novikov that eventually leads to his capture, along with Modesty and Dr. Giles Pennyfeather. [IV]

Chu: one of The Twins. [ST]

Chuli: Willie spots the Algerian Chuli leaving the parking lot where René Vaubois's car is parked, but is unable to catch him. Later, Willie and Modesty disconnect a bomb Chuli had placed in Vaubois's car, on the orders of Jack Wish. [IL]

Chung: an old friend of Wu Smith. Silver Dragon defeated Chung's cricket in a twenty-minute battle. [SM]

Clarkson, Ferdie: the man with whom Veronica the Countess St. Maur is having an affair. [NM]

Claudine: one of Willie's girls in Paris. A former courier in The Network, Modesty set her up in a boutique when she retired. Modesty and Willie defeat the assassination squad sent against René Vaubois by Jack Wish in the courtyard outside Claudine's apartment. [IL] During the days of The Network, Willie took on a couple of heavies working for a pimp who was trying to get Claudine on his books. He had them leased to Fuad's tribe for six months. [BM]

Claudio: one of the detectives from an agency in Madrid hired by Modesty to keep tabs on Major the Earl St. Maur. She had made use of the same agency during the days of The Network. [NM]

Cobra Trap: the thirteenth Modesty Blaise book, published in 1996. A short story collection, it contains the following stories: “Bellman,” abbreviated BM; “The Dark Angels,” abbreviated DA; “Old Alex,” abbreviated OA; “The Girl with the Black Balloon,” abbreviated GBB; and “Cobra Trap,” abbreviated CT.

“Cobra Trap”: a short story published in Cobra Trap, abbreviated CT. Modesty and Willie attempt to hold off the advancing Cobra rebels long enough for the train carrying members of the government of Montelero to get safely across the border into Panama.

Cobras: a group of rebels in the Central American Republic of Montelero who are attempting to overthrow the government. Modesty and Willie both die of gunshot wounds while trying to hold off a group of Cobras who are advancing on a train that is carrying members of the government of Montelero, along with Steve Collier and his wife Dinah, to safety in neighboring Panama. [CT]

Cogan: an English soldier in Karz's mercenary army. [ST]

Collier, Dan: the son of Steve Collier and his wife Dinah, a student in medical college. [CT]

Collier, Dinah: Dinah Pilgrim's married name.

Collier, Stephen ('Steve'): an English former mathematics teacher at Cambridge. A primer he had written was taken up by schools, and the resulting royalties were enough to enable him to give up teaching and follow his hobby of psychic research. Initially interested in the statistical aspects of the phenomenon, he eventually earned a minor reputation as an authority in the field. Collier meets Modesty at Orly airport when she recovers his wallet after it had been taken by a pickpocket. He ends up spending a week with her at her apartment in Montmartre. Collier is contacted by Dr. Bowker, who requires his assistance to get the best out of Lucifer's psychic abilities. Collier is staying at Haus Lobigo on Sylt, unaware of Seff's true operation, when he unwittingly blows Modesty's cover. The pair are taken prisoner and transported to Seff's base in the Philippines. [IL] Collier goes to Panama with Modesty to help bring Dinah Pilgrim to England. When Dinah is kidnapped by Simon Delicata, Collier accompanies Modesty and Willie to Mus. Following their escape from the Mus, Collier ends his relationship with Modesty because he finds her way of life “too exacting,” and announces his intentions to marry Dinah. [TFD] Collier is on the verge of giving up his psychic research and taking a teaching position (because his search for a cure for Dinah's blindness has drained his fortune) when his wife earns a reward for the recovery of the jewelry stolen by Caspar and McReedy. [PN] Collier is hired by Paxero to journey to Tenazabal in Guatemala to study the Mayan calendar for the Cultural Institute of Guatemala, unaware of the slaves that Paxero is holding at Limbo. [LDL] Collier participates in the abduction of Bernie Chan for the purposes of finding out who hired the Polish twins to kill Sir Gerald Tarrant. Along with Weng, he plays one of the two men who pretend to rough up Willie, who has also been “captured.” [NM] Steve and Dinah become the targets of a Dead Man's Handle contract taken out by Thaddeus Pilgrim with Salamander Four. The contract will take effect if Modesty and Willie refuse to go along with the Hallelujah Scenario. [DMH]. Collier is savagely beaten by Pike when he enters The Black Horse is search of directions. [OA] Collier is in the Central American Republic of Montelero, with his wife Dinah, doing statistical analysis for the goverment, when the Cobras begin their attempted coup. Collier is on the train carrying members of the Montelero government to safety in Panama, and leads the crew which rebuilds the bombed-out tracks. [CT]

Collier, Sue: the daughter of Steve Collier and his wife Dinah. [CT]

Conchita: the stage name used by Modesty when she appears as the living target of El Cazador when Molly Chen fails to show up for her performance. [DMH]

Condori: a Mexican in charge of the 17 guards at Dragon's Claw. When Luke Fletcher sees a picture of Condori that he has painted, he begins to remember his ordeal on the island. These returning memories prompt Beauregard Browne to kill Fletcher using the Handkerchief Trick. Condori is killed when Modesty shoots him through the heart as she and Willie begin to execute their planned escape from Dragon's Claw. [DC]

conkers: Willie won 15 minutes with Annie in the boiler room by rigging a game of conkers with Dicer. He did this by spending a week casting a conker out of lead, painting it, drilling it, and hanging it on a piece of string. News of the event inspires Modesty to use a wrecking ball to steal the safe containing the Singapore papers from Brunel's house in London. [IV]

Connolly, Dave: an ex-major in the US Army, and an engineer in charge of a road construction team for Dall-Pachmeyer Construction Inc. in southern Afghanistan. The plane stolen by Modesty and Willie to escape from Karz comes to a semi-crash landing near the road construction team's camp. Connolly has been alerted by John Dall to look out for the pair, and is able to offer them his assistance. [ST]

Cooper: an American guard at Dragon's Claw, originally from Oklahoma. He is killed by Clarissa de Courtney-Scott on Beauregard Browne's orders. [DC]

Corder: the man due to be appointed as Sir Gerald Tarrant's replacement, following Tarrant's presumed death. Jack Fraser considers Corder to be a “prehistoric monster with a brain the size of a walnut located somewhere in its arse.” [SM]

Cranwell, John: the vicar at Benildon who persuades Modesty to join a group that will be going caroling on Christmas Eve. [DC]

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