Dave Craythorpe – Dicer

Craythorpe, Dave: a pilot who flies in and out of France with smuggled goods a dozen times a year. Craythorpe has a Beagle Pup aircraft that he keeps at White Waltham, not far from The Treadmill. [IHD] Craythorpe flies Modesty and Willie to France, on the trail of Gabriel and McWhirter. They later realize that they have been lured away from Modesty's cottage so that Simon Delicata can kidnap Dinah Pilgrim. [TFD] Craythorpe flies Modesty, Willie and Dr. Giles Pennyfeather to France so they can protect Ilona Novikov, who is staying in a cottage in Pelissol, from a possible attack from Brunel. [IV] Craythorpe flies Modesty to Dublin with Soo Leybourn on the first leg of the girl's trip home to Java. [SGC] Craythorpe flies Modesty, Willie, Lady Janet Gillam and Quinn to Toulouse at the beginning of their expedition to rescue Sir Gerald Tarrant from Colonel Jim Straik. [SM]

Cressida: a ship involved in one of the two maritime insurance scams that Captain Axel Valerius worked for Modesty in the days of The Network. [DMH]

Crevier: a member of Gabriel's criminal organization. [MB]

Crichton, Paul: a big game hunter who is hired by Bellman to kill Modesty and Willie. Crichton met Modesty at a party and came to her cottage for some shooting. He drugs her with a needle hidden in the upholstery of his car. Crichton is the first to hunt for Modesty and Willie on the island off the coast of Scotland, but he is quickly disabled when Willie strikes him with a thrown waterbottle. [BM]

cricket: Reverend Leonard Jimson is fanatical about cricket, having played regularly when he was up at Cambridge. He is most skilled at fielding, and uses that skill to catch and return a hand grenade thrown by El Mico's men, killing them in the process. Willie is also a fan of the sport. [BDD] Willie participates in a game of cricket played a mile from The Treadmill one month after rescuing the slaves from Limbo. [LDL]

Crisp, Reverend Uriah: one of the members of Sam Solon's organization that steals art treasures for his museum on Dragon's Claw, and kidnaps art experts to show off the collection. Crisp, who is both an ordained minister and Solon's executioner, is an expert with handguns, combining an exceptionally fast draw with deadly accuracy. Beauregard Browne and Clarissa de Courtney-Scott discovered him performing shooting exhibitions at a dude ranch in the US. Crisp has deluded himself into believing that his victims are sinners who deserve their fate. He is killed by Modesty as she and Willie begin to execute their planned escape from Dragon's Claw. [DC]

Crockfords: the London club where Charles Leybourn plays bridge. [SGC]

Croker: a member of Gabriel's criminal organization. [MB]

Crozier, Dr. Kim: one of the slaves being held at Limbo. As the doctor to the other slaves, Kim lived a somewhat privileged existence in a pre-fabricated hut a hundred yards from the slave quarters. Crozier is one of the group of slaves that Modesty organizes to fight against Paxero's men when the time comes. [LDL] Modesty is visiting Kim in San Francisco when she blows Ben Christie's cover during his attempt to infiltrate The Watchmen. Crozier follows Christie while Modesty prepares to rescue the CIA agent. Crozier later serves as Modesty's doctor and threatens to call a number of former Limbo slaves to her aid if Frank Dean persists in blaming her for Christie's death. [NM]

cyanide capsule: when Modesty and Steve Collier are taken prisoner by Seff, Dr. Bowker inserts a plastic cyanide capsule in each of their shoulders. A pocket transmitter carried by Seff will send a signal that fires a primer the size of a match-head on the capsule. The firing of the primer will be sufficient to break the casing, releasing the cyanide and causing immediate death. [IL]

da Cruz, Ramon: a Portuguese-Chinese member of Colonel Jim Straik's organization. [SM]

Dachtera: a member of The Watchmen. He is one of the section leaders for Operation Morningstar. [NM]

Dall Chemical: a division of Dall Enterprises. John Dall made use of Modesty and The Network to recover a valuable industrial secret stolen from Dall Chemical. [ST]

Dall Enterprises: the company owned by John Dall, with headquarters in New York City. [IL]

Dall, John: an American industrialist of Native American descent. Dall had dealings with Modesty in the days of The Network, when she stopped a case of industrial espionage against Dall Chemical. Dall wins over £300,000 from Modesty at a casino in Beirut, in a rigged baccarat game designed to create the impression that she is behaving erratically and is desperate for money. Sir Gerald Tarrant contacts Dall for assistance when he receives a message from Modesty and Willie from inside Karz's military camp in the Hindu Kush. Dall alerts the American intelligence network as well as a Dall-Pachmeyer construction team lead by Dave Connolly, who assist Modesty and Willie after their escape from Karz. [ST] Following the destruction of Operation Sabre-Tooth, Modesty spent six weeks with Dall on his ranch near Amarillo, and at his cabin on the lake in Idaho's Sun Valley. Dall is one of the victim's on Seff's death list. At Willie's urging, he pays the ransom so that Willie can test his theory that Seff is using dolphins to recover the buoys. Dall's ship picks up Modesty and Willie when they escape from Seff, and he provides the plane that they use when returning to rescue Steve Collier and Lucifer. [IL] Dall has an interest in a film company that has a unit in West Berlin, filming footage that will include portions of the Berlin Wall. Dall grants Sir Gerald Tarrant's request for the use of certain of the film crew's facilities to be used in the attempt to recover Okubo after he's shot over the Wall using a circus cannon. [GW] Dall commissions Alex Hemmer to carve a mahogany statue of Modesty. [SF] Dall is vacationing in Idaho with Modesty when two of Paxero's Specials attempt to kidnap them for enslavement in Limbo. When Modesty later deliberately allows herself to be kidnapped for the same purpose, Dall flies to Acapulco to question Steve Collier and his wife Dinah about what is going on, and to offer his assistance. [LDL] Dall is visiting Modesty at Benildon when word arrives of the coup attempt by the Cobras in Montelero. He provides his private jet for the flight to Panama, and accompanies her there to meet Miguel Sagasta. [CT]

Dall-Pachmeyer Construction: a division of Dall Enterprises. A Dall-Pachmeyer construction team in southern Afghanistan led by Dave Connolly comes to the aid of Modesty and Willie after they escape from Karz's military camp in the Hindu Kush. [ST]

Dama Infeliz: Wu Smith's hundred-ton motor cruiser. Modesty and Willie kidnap Smith from the Dama Infeliz and interrogate him to learn who is behind the blackmail scheme that has targeted Fiona Langford. The name Smith reveals is that of Colonel Jim Straik. [SM]

Damion: born in South America of Czech parents, Damion works for Paxero and assists him in the acquisition of victims to be enslaved at Limbo. Modesty breaks his neck during the fight to rescue the slaves being held at the plantation. [LDL]

Daoud: Prince Rahim Mohajeri Azhari's pilot. He flies Nannie Pendergast and Little Krell to Xanadu from Fez. [XT]

“The Dark Angels”: a short story published in Cobra Trap, abbreviated DA. Sir Gerald Tarrant tricks Modesty and Willie into acting as bodyguards for Howard A. Keyes in an attempt to stop The Dark Angels. Note: the events in this story take place sometime before Last Day In Limbo.

Dark Angels, The: a team of three psychopathic killers assembled by Brigadier George Sumner to carry out the executions deemed necessary by the organization consisting of Sumner, Harriet Welling, Timmins and John Beckworth. Their goal is to keep British industry British-owned by preventing foreign takeovers. They accomplish this by having The Dark Angels kill selected foreign investors in a manner which makes them appear to be accident victims. The members of The Dark Angels are Asmodeus, Belial and Aruga. [DA]

Dave: one of the men who comes with Tabby to deliver Modesty and Willie to Poldeacon. [GBB]

Dawes, Mrs.: a cook at The Treadmill who makes the best steak and kidney pudding in the universe. [DC]

Dawn: one of the slaves being held at Limbo, a thirty-five year-old woman with streaks of grey in her dark hair. [LDL]

de Chardin: a senior official of Salamander Four. [SF] De Chardin is one of four principal directors of the group. [DMH] De Chardin is killed, along with Gesner and Pereda, in the explosion of a house in Sussex used by the group for board meetings. The explosion was arranged by Sir Angus McBeal. [OA] Note: in “Old Alex,” de Chardin is refered to as Chard.

de Courtney-Scott, Clarissa: a buxom red-haired nymphomaniac who serves as Beauregard Browne's secretary. She virtually runs the daily operations at Dragon's Claw. She is also a childhood friend and criminal partner of Browne. Clarissa's favourite weapon is a sharpened bicycle spoke with a wooden handle which she uses to stab her victims. When Modesty and Willie begin to execute their plan to escape from Dragon's Claw, Clarissa uses her weapon to kill the remaining guards on the island, acting on Browne's orders. Dr. Feng kills Clarissa by shooting her in the back before Willie can become her next casualty. [DC]

De Groot: the leader of an organization in Capetown hired by Gabriel. [MB]

De Gruyle: a diamond merchant, the former owner of Brunel's house in London. [IV]

De Souta[1]: the Special United Nations Representative for U Thant. Modesty and Willie initially attempt to smuggle Okubo across the Berlin Wall by hiding the scientist in the trunk of De Souta's car. [GW]

De Souta[2]: a victim of Mountjoy who was kidnapped in Brazil. When the government refused to pay the ransom, De Souta was found in pieces. [GBB]

Dead Man's Handle: the twelfth Modesty Blaise book, published in 1985 and abbreviated DMH. Modesty and Willie must prevent Thaddeus Pilgrim's Hallelujah Scenario from taking place without triggering the Dead Man's Handle contract taken out on the lives of Steve Collier and his wife Dinah.

Dead Man's Handle: the type of contract that Thaddeus Pilgrim takes out with Salamander Four on the lives of Steve Collier and his wife Dinah. If Pilgrim fails to respond to calls from the organization at regular twelve hour intervals, the contract will take effect and the pair will be killed. The name is taken from a switch on railway engines which will cause the train to stop if it is released when the driver becomes dead or unconscious. [DMH]

Dean, Frank: a CIA director who takes a dim view of Modesty's role in preventing Operation Baystrike, and blames her for Ben Christie's death. [NM]

Dee, Margaret: a resident of Benildon, and an acquaintance of Judith Rigby. [DC]

Delgado, Mike: Modesty's first lover, she had never offered him a position in The Network due to the nature of their relation. Unbeknownst to both her and Willie, Delgado is now Karz's Recruiting Officer: the man responsible for their forced enrollment in Karz's mercenary army. Modesty shoots Delgado through the heart as she and Willie are escaping from the valley in the Hindu Kush. [ST] Following a traffic accident in Rio, Delgado spent two weeks in a hospital, where he met the Reverend Leonard Jimson, and told him a great deal about Modesty Blaise. [BDD]

Delicata, Simon: a big man with hands that hang almost to his knees, Delicata first encountered Willie before the days of The Network, when they were running guns off Uruguay. Delicata almost killed Willie in a fight, by kicking him repeatedly in the ribs. Delicata teams up with Gabriel to recover the Garamantes treasure buried at Mus. He breaks Dr. Aaronson's neck when the doctor becomes concerned about what is happening in the Sahara, and tells Sir Gerald Tarrant, Modesty and Steve Collier that his name is Armitage when they narrowly miss catching him in the act. Delicata kidnaps Dinah Pilgrim from Modesty's cottage near Benildon, and takes her to Mus. After Modesty and Willie escape with the rest of the prisoners, Delicata kills Gabriel and McWhirter and drives off across the desert with the treasure. He encounters Modesty and Willie at Bordj Kerim, where he is killed by Willie. [TFD]

Delilah: Willie is brainwashed by Dr. Tyl into believing that Modesty has been killed by a woman named Delilah. The image that Willie associates with Delilah is actually that of Modesty; the woman he believes to be Modesty is actually Lady Janet Gillam. [DMH]

Delorme: the first officer from the Almarza. [NM]

Delphine: Caspar's yacht, although it was actually chartered by McReedy. Modesty boards the Delphine by flying over it while hanging from a kite towed by a speedboat. The jewelry stolen by Caspar and McReedy is found on the Delphine by Dinah Pilgrim, using her psychic abilities. [PN]

Deserta Grande: an uninhabited island that is part of the Madeira Islands, belonging to Portugal. The Watchmen have a settlement on Deserta Grande, as part of the cover for Operation Morningstar. [NM]

device used in theft of painting: in order to steal the Watteau painting from the Musée Mattioret, Modesty coats it with a concoction devised by Willie that dries to a colour matching the wall behind the painting. This coating is delivered through a telescoping metal tube that extends to a length of ten feet. The nozzle end of the tube has two metal whiskers an inch long set at an angle. The butt-end of the tube is connected by a rubber hose to a long metal cylinder in Modesty's handbag. A light on the grip, activated by the metal whiskers, indicates that the nozzle is positioned correctly. When the coating dries, it appears that the frame is empty. Willie covers the frame in a sheet, telling The Director that he is taking the empty frame to the police to have it checked for fingerprints. Later, the coating is removed, leaving the painting unharmed. [ST]

Dicer: the big kid, the “boss man” at Willie's orphanage. Willie rigged a game of conkers with Dicer to win 15 minutes in the boiler room with Annie, the caretaker's daughter. He later set fire to Dicer's bed with some fireworks the night he ran away. [IV]

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