Dick – Mary Forester

Dick: one of Bernie Chan's bodyguards. [NM]

Didi: a member of Pacco's criminal organization. Didi takes Modesty and Paul Hagan captive, but is quickly overpowered by Willie. [MB]

Director, The: the unnamed director of the Musée Mattioret. Modesty and Willie manage to steal the Watteau painting even as he reassures Willie that the painting is quite safe. [ST]

Dixon: a member of one of Thaddeus Pilgrim's Answer To Prayer teams, one of the most able killers Eton had ever produced. Dixon is killed by a grenade thrown by Willie in the battle on Kalivari which destroys Pilgrim's operation. [DMH]

Djakovo, Dr.: a member of The Watchmen who examines Modesty and Willie on board the Drioga Corporation's drillship after they are captured. [NM]

dolphins: Seff uses a pair of dolphins, trained by Garcia, to recover the buoys containing the ransom money. The dolphins, Pluto and Belial, home in on the buoy, which contains a transmitter broadcasting a signal with a reducing intensity. If the buoy is not sitting at the correct depth, or is transmitting an extra signal, both signs that it has been tampered with, Pluto and Belial will leave it where they find it. Otherwise, they will tow it to a pre-determined spot using a harness that connects the two of them. [IL]

Dorah: one of Willie's girls from Portsmouth. Willie is reminded of her by the sucking action of a sea star when he uses it to remove one of its spines from his foot. [TFD]

Doreen: one of Willie's girls, a dactyliomancist, or fortune teller, who based all her decisions on the motions of a suspended iron ring. Willie rigged a magnet on a swivel bar under the table to influence some of those decisions. [SM]

Doris: a barmaid at The Treadmill. [IHD] Willie has to find a replacement when Doris and her husband decide to emigrate to Australia. [LDL]

Dragon's Claw: the ninth Modesty Blaise book, published in 1978 and abbreviated DC. Australian newspaper tycoon Sam Solon kidnaps a variety of art experts and takes them to Dragon's Claw island to show off his collection of stolen art treasures.

Dragon's Claw: a small island in the Tasman Sea. Modesty estimates its location to be somewhere between 35° and 40° south, and around 160° east. The island, discovered by Captain Cook, is owned by Sam Solon. It is the location of Solon's collection of stolen art treasures. The island contains an airstrip, a complex where Condori's guard's live, a swimming pool, a gymnasium and a cinema. Other features of Dragon's Claw include Dragon's Heart, Paradise Peak and Execution Square. [DC]

Dragon's Heart: the house on Dragon's Claw where Reverend Uriah Crisp, Beauregard Browne, Clarissa de Courtney-Scott and Dr. Feng Hsi-shan live. [DC]

Dragonara, The: a hotel on Malta where Luke Fletcher stayed before he was kidnapped and taken to Dragon's Claw. Sam Solon stays at The Dragonara when he comes to Malta to meet with Modesty following Fletcher's rescue. [DC]

Drioga Corporation: a phony oil drilling company used as a cover by The Watchmen. The drillship leased by the Drioga Corporation is the base for Operation Morningstar. [NM]

Dufay: a friend of Henri Martel. The two man play bezique for an hour at noon every day. [XT]

Duggan: a reporter friend of Quinn who provides him with some information about Modesty and Willie. [SM]

Dunster, Jane: John Dall's personal secretary. She has been with Dall for ten years, and he hides nothing of his business or private life from her. [IL]

Dupont, Maurice: false identity adopted by Willie while casing Paxero's Swiss villa. [LDL]

Durand Clinic: the medical clinic run by Dr. Georges Durand. Its establishment was financed by Modesty. Sir Gerald Tarrant spends 10 days at the clinic following his ordeal as a prisoner of Colonel Jim Straik. [SM]

Durand, Dr. Georges: a French doctor who treated any injuries sustained by members of The Network. Modesty financed the establishment of the Durand Clinic, and she and Willie have continued to use his services following the breakup of the criminal organization. Modesty takes Quinn to Dr. Durand after rescuing him from the ledge overlooking the Tarn, a river in southwestern France. [SM]

Durand, Inspector: a member of the Paris police. Sir Gerald Tarrant has direct access to Durand for any cooperation needed, courtesy René Vaubois. [MB]

earthquake: Modesty is awaiting the arrival of Dr. Giles Pennyfeather at the Hotel Ayachi near El Jadida when an earthquake strikes, demolishing the hotel. She is trapped in the rubble of the structure's basement for most of a day with an injured Bernard Martel. [XT]

Eddie[1]: one of Gabriel's men who kidnaps Dinah Pilgrim. Willie breaks Eddie's neck when he rescues Dinah. [TFD]

Eddie[2]: one of the slaves being held at Limbo. Eddie passes his spare time carving split wood with a soft stone. [LDL]

El Cazador: the stage name used by Willie when he performs in Gogol's Circus with Molly Chen as his “living target.” [DMH]

El Dorado: the largest, most luxurious and only hotel in Tenazabal. Modesty and Willie are staying there with Steve Collier and his wife Dinah when Dinah is kidnapped by Martinez and Gregg. [LDL]

El Mico[1]: the leader of a small group of South American bandits. El Mico's men hijack the bus carrying Modesty and Reverend Leonard Jimson to San Tremino. When Modesty is rescued by Willie, he informs her that El Mico is dead. He was killed when the army trapped his main forces in a pass down south. [BDD]

El Mico[2]: the leader of the biggest criminal organization in North Africa since The Network. El Mico is actually two men: brothers Jeremy Silk and Dominic Silk. El Mico exercises control by fear, and has made drugs and vice his prime operations. The fact that he does not really exist has made it difficult for the police to deal with: he has no base, no residence, no location and no name. “El Mico” is Spanish for “the monkey.” The name was given to the Silk brothers by Nannie Pendergast. [XT]

El Sayyide: what Sheik Abu-Tahir calls Modesty. It means “The Princess.” [MB]

Electricity Board: Willie reconnoiters the house of Charles Leybourn, and installs a radio-activated relay that will cut off the alarm system, under the guise of an inspector from the Electricity Board searching for earth leaks. [SGC]

Emilio: one of the men who abducts Modesty and Willie in Lisbon as part of Mike Delgado's plan to show their aptitude for roles as leaders in Karz's mercenary army. [ST]

Erdnase, Mr.: an American gambler whose book The Expert at the Card Table is studied closely by Modesty. [DMH]

Estaminet: a painting by Luke Fletcher that Modesty purchased from the Mailer Gallery. It hangs in the dining room at Ashlea. [DC]

Ethel: an elephant in Gogol's Circus. [NM]

Execution Square: the area on Dragon's Claw where Reverend Uriah Crisp executes his victims. Dragon's Heart is on a hill overlooking the square. A narrow winding road leads down to the harbor. [DC]

Farbstein Corporation: in the days of The Network, Modesty and Waldo were competing for some industrial secrets from the Farbstein Corporation. When Waldo won, he sent Modesty a bouquet with a “very witty and charming note of apology.” [SF]

Faunier, Inspector: a French policeman. Willie, disguised as Monsieur Ransome, claims he is taking the empty frame that held the Watteau painting to Inspector Faunier, when in fact he is stealing the painting that is still in the frame. [ST]

fencing: Modesty's unorthodox approach to fencing is based on her refusal to accept the fact that it doesn't matter if you get hit, as long as you hit your opponent first. Her skills with the sword are put to the test when she fights a duel with Wenczel as part of her plan to escape from Mus. [TFD]

Feng Hsi-shan, Dr.: a psychiatrist specializing in mind-bending. Dr. Feng defected from the People's Liberation Army of the People's Republic of China and became a member of Sam Solon's organization that steals art treasures for his museum on Dragon's Claw, and kidnaps art experts to show off the collection. His role is to brainwash the abductees so that they will remember nothing of their ordeal after they are released from the island. Dr. Feng is the only resident of Dragon's Claw to survive following Modesty and Willie's escape. [DC]

Feng, Li: the owner of the house in Hong Kong rented by Modesty and Willie and used for the interrogation of Wu Smith. [SM]

Fenton: the man in Hong Kong to whom Willie delivered a suitcase containing $10,000 in gold coins, as part of his first Network assignment. [DMH]

Ferrand: Colonel Jim Straik's man in Toulouse. [SM]

Ferrier, Jules: the director and owner of the casino in Beirut where John Dall seemingly wins a fortune from Modesty. Ferrier is a former employee of Modesty, who gave him the backing to set up his own casino. Ferrier arranged the stacking of the deck that allowed Dall to win. [ST]

Fête Dans Les Bois: the title of the painting by Antoine Watteau which Modesty and Willie steal from the Musée Mattioret, using a device constructed by Willie. Word of the theft (and of the painting's subsequent recovery) is designed to create the impression that Modesty is desperate for money, making her a more likely candidate for employment in Karz's mercenary army. [ST]

Fiama: Hakim's mistress. [MB]

Finch: the “magic memory” man at Whitehall who identifies Hugo Gezelle due to his crossbow m.o. [NM]

Finn, Chief Detective Inspector: the police officer who comes to Sir Gerald Tarrant's club to arrest John Beckworth using information obtained from Aruga and Belial, who have talked following the defeat of The Dark Angels by Modesty and Willie. [DA]

First Blood: a training action in which two patrols of The Watchmen are matched against each other. The action ends when the first man on one side or the other is either killed or injured. [NM]

Fitch: one of Rodelle's men. Fitch comes to The Treadmill to bring Willie to where Modesty is being held captive. Willie quickly overpowers the man, and manages to find out that their destination was to be Glencroft Castle. [IHD]

5Z4QRO-AM: the radio call sign used by Modesty when broadcasting from her Piper Commanche aircraft. [IV]

flame-thrower: El Mico uses a flame-thrower to kill Bernard Martel at Modesty's house in Tangier. [XT]

Fletcher, Bridget ('Bridie'): Luke Fletcher's wife. She was killed in an airplane crash two years before his apparent death by drowning off Malta. [DC]

Fletcher, Lucian ('Luke'): an artist regarded as one of the top ten of the century. Fletcher was presumed drowned when he disappeared while swimming off Malta, but had in fact been kidnapped by members of Sam Solon's organization and taken to Dragon's Claw. After escaping, he is rescued by Modesty, who is sailing The Wasp from Brisbane to Wellington. Fletcher is picked up at sea and flown to Australia by Sam Solon, who wants to see if Dr. Feng's brainwashing has worked and prevented the artist from remembering what has happened to him. After he recovers, Fletcher presents Modesty with three paintings he has done of her; she in turn gives one each to Willie, Sir Gerald Tarrant, and John Dall. Fletcher is later held hostage by Beauregard Browne and Clarissa de Courtney-Scott in order to force Modesty and Willie to steal the Jade Queen from The Royal Academy. Following the theft, Browne kills Fletcher when he shows signs of regaining his memory about what happened on Dragon's Claw. [DC]

Flint, Josh: one of Sir Gerald Tarrant's operatives whose mission was to make contact with The Watchmen with a plausible job offer. Flint was found garotted in the Tagus. [NM]

flux: Willie's term for the magnetic flux about the earth that causes like events to occur simultaneously or in sequence. The news that Reilly received a payment transferred from Wu Smith's New Provident and Commercial Bank in Macao, the same bank where Fiona Langford is making her blackmail payments, is an example of the flux. [SM]

Flying Francesca: one of Willie's girls, a trapeze artist from Cadiz. Willie worked as her catcher, and claims to be one of only two men in the world that were seduced at three in the morning on a trapeze. [TFD]

foggara: a channel cut underground for bringing water across the desert. Dinah Pilgrim finds a foggara running under the barracks in Mus where the captives are being held. By crawling through it, Modesty is able to reach a point outside the gates of the city. [TFD]

Foley: the government minister to whom Sir Gerald Tarrant is responsible. He wants Modesty and Willie to sign acknowledgments that they are subject to the Official Secrets Act and will not divulge any knowledge they have gained of The Watchmen or of Operation Morningstar. Modesty tells Sir Gerald to tell Foley to take the documents, roll them up tightly, set fire to them, and stuff them up his ministerial arse. [NM]

Forester, Mary: a resident of Benildon who arranges for Willie to give a hang-gliding demonstration at the fête. [DC]

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