Nigel Forester – Gerace

Forester, Nigel: Mary Forester's husband. The couple sell markers to be used in a contest to see who can come the closest to guessing Willie's landing point following his hang-gliding demonstration. [DC]

Forli: one of the men who abducts Modesty and Willie in Lisbon as part of Mike Delgado's plan to show their aptitude for roles as leaders in Karz's mercenary army. [ST]

Forster: one of four members of The Watchmen who were seen by Modesty during Operation Baystrike and could be identified by her. The other three were Blik, Szabo and Hugh Oberon. Forster posed as one of the two CIA agents - Jake Perry and Herb Ashton - who abducted Modesty and took her to the Old Hickory. [NM]

Fothergill, Mrs.: a member of Gabriel's criminal organization. Mrs. Fothergill kills Ivor Grant by choking him to death. When Modesty and Willie are attempting to escape from the monastery with the two boxes of diamonds, Mrs. Fothergill confronts Modesty. Mrs. Fothergill is killed in the resulting battle. [MB]

Fouad: an Arab guard at Dragon's Claw. [DC]

Fournier, Jeanne: the name that Modesty gives to Danny Chavasse as his next assignment, at the El Greco on Lanzarote. Upon arriving at Lanzarote, Danny learns that Jeanne Fournier is actually Modesty herself. [LDL, DA]

Franklin: a former operative of The Network. [LDL]

Franklyn: a CIA official controlling Ben Christie's plan to infiltrate The Watchmen from the agency's headquarters in Langley, Virginia. [NM]

Fraser, John ('Jack'): a British civil servant, Sir Gerald Tarrant's assistant. Fraser served as an agent in the field for many years before being posted to a desk job. His penetration and destruction of the Pague Syndicate was a classic operation. He has worked long to create the image of a bumbling civil servant. [MB, TFD] Fraser has a close watch put on both Modesty and Willie, in the hope that they will lead to Bellman. [BM] Fraser travels to Tangier to trail Modesty and Willie in case they are unable to communicate with Tarrant after they are approached to join Karz's mercenary army. When Modesty learns that Lucille Brouet has been kidnapped, she slips a knock-out pill into Fraser's drink so that she and Willie can depart without his interference. [ST] Fraser breaks into Boulter's department at the Foreign Office and steals information about Seff's protection racket when Boulter refuses to share the information with Tarrant. [IL] Fraser helps Modesty and Willie orchestrate the theft of the safe containing the Singapore papers from Brunel's house in London. [IV] Fraser breaks the Official Secrets Act to tell Modesty and Willie about Tarrant's predicament regarding Soviet defector Okubo: how to get the scientist over the Berlin Wall without activating and endangering his sleeper network of agents in East Berlin. [GW] Fraser calls René Vaubois with the news that Modesty and Willie have failed to report in after going to Chateau Lancieux in an attempt to rescue Tarrant, who they believe is being held captive there by Colonel Jim Straik. [SM] Fraser tells Modesty that Tarrant has left for Heathrow to see off Howard A. Keyes. [DA] Fraser gives Maude Tiller the assigment to accompany Willie on his trek through the Gautemalan jungle to rescue the slaves from Limbo. [LDL] Fraser runs into Willie and Lady Janet Gillam while accompanying his nephew Malcolm to a funfair at Blackheath. Fraser receives confirmation of John Ryan's death from René Vaubois. [DC] Fraser takes great delight in telling Tarrant that Boulter is the mysterious recipient of the Pahlavi Crown. [XT] Fraser tells Modesty that the number called by Hugh Oberon on Bernie Chan's phone belongs to Major the Earl St. Maur. [NM] Fraser overrides Tarrant's objections to inform Modesty and Willie of the death of Johhny Nash and seek their assistance in rescuing Tor Hallenberg. [GBB]

Frayne: a member of Thaddeus Pilgrim's organization. Frayne is an explosives expert, in charge of the scuttling of the Marimba as part of the Hallelujah Scenario. [DMH]

Freddie The Twirl: a member of Thaddeus Pilgrim's Hostel Of Righteousness. He opens the locked case carried by Papadakis, the contents of which reveal how much the reporter has learned since arriving on Kalivari. [DMH]

Free Kuwait Government: the name of an alleged government-in-exile headed by Es-Sabah Solon. Solon is attempting to gain credibility for Karz's Kuwait Liberation Army in order to prevent western powers from making a counter-move after Karz invades Kuwait. [ST]

Frensham: one of Dr. Giles Pennyfeather's lecturers in medical school. He had a seizure in the middle of a lecture once after becoming enraged because he thought Giles wasn't listening. [XT]

Frezzi, Alfredo: a Maltan criminal who is hired by Sam Solon to bug Modesty's villa and determine if Luke Fletcher's memories of his ordeal on Dragon's Claw are still blocked. Frezzi sends Tasso and Montale to watch the villa, but Modesty has little trouble with them. [DC]

Friends of the Kuwait Freedom Society, The: the name of the group sponsoring a lecture by Es-Sabah Solon. Modesty and Willie attend the lecture, at the request of Sir Gerald Tarrant. [ST]

Frobisher: one of Sir Gerald Tarrant's men, involved in the search for Simon Delicata and Dinah Pilgrim. [TFD]

Fuad: the leader of a nomadic tribe. The two heavies who were bothering Claudine are leased to Fuad's tribe for six months by Saad. [BM]

Fuller-Jones, Lucy: a woman in her mid-twenties who took up ballooning to sublimate the earthly aspects of her nature. Willie meets Lucy at the meeting of the Prison Abolition Society, where she unwittingly informs Mountjoy and Simon Bird of Willie's real name. Lucy later helps Modesty and Willie rescue Tor Hallenberg from Poldeacon with the use of her balloon. [GBB]

Fuller: a disliked member of Rand's Club who is defeated by Willie and Sir Gerald Tarrant in a game of snooker. [IL]

Fuzulli: a guard at Dragon's Claw. [DC]

G3QRM-HP: Willie's amateur radio call-sign. [TFD, IV, DC]

G3QRO: Modesty's amateur radio call-sign. [TFD, DC]

Gabriel: a criminal mastermind, and a rival of Modesty in the days of The Network. Gabriel plots to steal the £10,000,000 worth of diamonds being shipped to Sheik Abu-Tahir. When Modesty and Willie foil his plans, Gabriel manages to escape from the monastery on Kalithos, along with McWhirter. [MB] He later teams up with Simon Delicata in an attempt to recover the Garamantes treasure buried at Mus, with the assistance of Dinah Pilgrim's psychic abilities. Gabriel is killed by Delicata after Modesty and Willie escape from Mus, freeing the other captives in the process. [TFD]

Gamarra: a Bolivian soldier in Karz's mercenary army, serving in the section commanded by Willie. Gamarra was the first to spend a night with Modesty in Karz's seraglio following her defeat of The Twins. Willie buries one of his knives almost to the hilt in Gamarra's neck as he and Modesty begin their escape from Karz's valley in the Hindu Kush. [ST]

Gambetta, Captain: the captain of the Abosso. [NM]

Garamantes treasure: the treasure buried at Mus, consisting of jewels from Garamantes, and gold and silver collected by Domitian Mus, the Roman soldier for whom the city is named. Gabriel and Simon Delicata are employed by Sir Howard Presteign to take over the archeological dig at Mus and find the treasure, with the help of Dinah Pilgrim's psychic abilities. When Willie kills Delicata at Bordj Kerim, he buries the treasure nearby, after first taking a couple of rubies from one of the boxes. Modesty suggests that the rubies should be set in a pair of silver napkin rings and presented to Dinah and Steve Collier as a wedding present. [TFD]

Garat, Jacques: one of three men who tries - and fails - to eliminate Quinn as a potential witness to the abduction of Sir Gerald Tarrant. Following his humiliation by Modesty, Garat, along with Gaston Bourget and Servalle, is killed by Sexton. [SM]

Garcia, Rafael: a former member of the Louche group, Garcia was the only member of organization to back Modesty when she attempted to take over following Henri Louche's death. Garcia was Modesty's second-in-command until that position was taken over by Willie. [LDL, DMH, BM] Garcia was responsible for general administration, and for the disposal of precious metals and stones. [NM] When Modesty dissolved The Network, Garcia retired a rich man. News that the sixty year-old Garcia is now dying in San Tremino, his home town, brings Modesty and Willie to Uruguay for a final visit. On the way to see Garcia, the bus Modesty is riding is hijacked by some of El Mico's men. [BDD] Garcia had turned down Little Krell's application to work for The Network, knowing that he had previously worked for Rodelle. [XT]

Garcia: a member of Seff's group, Garcia trains the two dolphins Pluto and Belial used to retrieve the buoys containing the protection money after they are dropped in the ocean. Garcia is shot by Regina as she and Seff attempt to escape after Modesty and Willie return to rescue Steve Collier and Lucifer. [IL]

Garvin, Willie: Modesty's second-in-command in The Network. An Englishman, Willie was raised by his "auntie," a drunken prostitute, following the death of his unmarried mother. He spent time in an orphanage, and used some homemade fireworks to set fire to Dicer's bed the night he ran away. While in his early twenties, Willie worked for a circus for a brief period. He was in an approved school in England, and later disappeared abroad after serving two prison terms in his native country. When she was 20, Modesty saw Willie - eight years her senior - for the first time, following his discharge from the Foreign Legion. He was fighting in a Thai-style contest in Saigon, and was arrested after the match. A week later, she bought him out of jail. Willie's first job for The Network was the delivery of $10,000 worth of gold to Fenton in Hong Kong, and the retreival of $50,000 worth of bearer certificates from Wei Lu. The job had gone wrong, through no fault of Willie's, but he was able to complete the task successfully through his own initiative. Within a year, he was Modesty's second-in-command. Following the breakup of The Network, Willie returned to England, where he purchased The Treadmill, a public house. Willie is one of the deadliest men in the world with a knife. He often carries a pair of throwing knives in a harness worn either under his shirt, or stitched to the lining of his jacket. Willie's ears prickle when he senses danger, and he can quote verses from the Book of Psalms to suit any occasion, thanks to a year he spent in a jail in Calcutta, with nothing to read but a "Psalter." Although he normally speaks with a pronounced Cockney accent, Willie is able to adopt any accent "from BBC to Nashville" as part of a disguise. Willie has his pilot's license, and speaks four languages fluently, including English, French and Arabic. Beginning during his days in The Network, Willie had gone off on his own every year for five or six weeks. He had spent this time diving for the matched pearls he requires for a necklace he is making for Modesty. Willie is completely hopeless in a kitchen, but is able to prepare appetizing meals if turned loose in the woods with nothing. Willie has a scar on the back of his right hand, shaped like an uncompleted 'S.' It had been made by a man named Suleiman, who was unable to complete his task when Modesty broke his neck. Willie is a part owner of Gogol's Circus, in partnership with Georgi Gogol, and for several years has spent a few weeks with the circus, either touring or in winter quarters. Willie has devised and/or constructed a number of gadgets that he and Modesty make use of during their capers. See the individual entries for details on the following: device used in theft of painting, lipstick, necktie, oscillator, radar, stethostrobic pulse detector, and transmitters. Willie's regular girlfriend when he's at home is Lady Janet Gillam, who owns a farm located near The Treadmill. He has also had relationships of a less serious nature with a number of other woman. See the individual entries for details of each of Willie's girls: Adrienne, Aileen, Aliki, Anita, Annie, Brenda, Carol, Claudine, Dorah, Doreen, Flying Francesca, Geneveive, Grace, Ilse, Julie, Lala, Luisa, Maureen, Mavis, Melanie, Monique, Nicole, Erica Nolan, Rosita[1], Rosita[3], Siv, and Veronica. Willie dies shortly after Modesty of a gunshot wound suffered while attempting to hold off the Cobras who are advancing on the train carrying members of the government of Montelero, along with Steve Collier and his wife Dinah, to safety in neighbouring Panama.

Gasparro[1]: a member of Pacco's criminal organization. [MB]

Gasparro[2]: one of the slaves being held at Limbo. He acts as a runner during the fight against Paxero. [LDL]

Gautier, Louis: the false name adopted by Bernard Martel while working in El Mico's organization. [XT]

Geibel, Hilde: the false name given by Modesty when she goes to Haus Lobigo on the pretense of looking at it on behalf of someone interested in renting it. [IL]

Geiss: a senior official of Salamander Four. [SF]

Geneveive: one of Willie's girls, she suffered from arachibutyrophobia - the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. Willie cured her of the phobia by getting her to bite into a piece of bread upside down after she'd spread it with peanut butter. [DMH]

Geoffrey: a resident of Benildon who makes the announcements at the fête where Willie gives a hang-gliding demonstration. [DC]

George: the porter at Modesty's apartment building. He brings meals to Weng, who is monitoring the radio receiver for a message from Modesty on Kalivari. [DMH] He informs Modesty of the arrival of Alexander Sayle. [OA]

Gerace: a man employed by Montlero to guard Modesty and Willie in Lisbon while it is determined if they are suitable candidates as leaders in Karz's mercenary army. [ST]

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